10 Thoughts every bro has when on Tinder

10 Thoughts every bro has when on Tinder

Being on Tinder has its highs and lows. So many moves, so many women and such less time. I am here to share the thoughts and reactions that every bro has on the emotional rollercoaster that is Tinder, in the hope that you may have better luck next time.

  1. Your first day on Tinder Tinder is to a man what candy land is to a child. The first reaction every bro has is something along the lines of “What magical land is this! So many single women!” The excitement of course lessens significantly as you realize that none of them want to match with you. And then arises the very important question: To bio or not to bio? What if your bio makes you look like you are trying too hard? What if it is not witty enough? Is it neccesary to be funny? Chill bro. Remember the motto of a true bro is always ‘Keep calm and swipe on’.

  1. Group pictures! When you come across profiles where every picture is in a group, and you can’t for the love of god figure out which one it is, it can be extremely frustrating! Also, multiple women in a frame is a little intimidating, you can almost hear them judging you over a glass of wine. Unless a group picture means you get the whole package, then a bro is always more than happy!

  1. No replies after matching You’re very happy you got a match (Yes, sometimes it does happen) and are excited about starting a conversation with someone. But even after polite conversation starters (and spamming her inbox after a point), not getting a reply sends every bro into contemplation about life. But don’t worry bro because there are plenty of fish in the sea and Tinder is an ocean.

  1. Oh, my god! She is so hot! Bros we tend to get over-excited when a really hot girl matches with us. Or better yet, if several of them like us back. But remember even if a million volcanoes explode inside you, on the surface you must remain calm. Play it cool and don’t come off as too eager and you will be scoring with the ladies in no time.

  1. Which picture is it? You come across a profile which has pictures which don’t look anything like each other; how do you decide how she looks? You can’t! There is no solution to this. Keep calm and swipe left.

  1. Way out of my league! When a bro comes across a girl who is perfect in every sense- hot, sensible and funny, the first thought that comes to mind is that she is too good for you. Or that it is a fake profile. Low self-confidence is a big turn off and hey how will you ever catch a fish if you don’t even try? Be a dreamer and take a shot. Who knows?

  1. How am I out of likes already? The one day when you are frustrated with life and want to have some fun on Tinder, you get carried away and run out of likes. Resist the urge to throw your phone out the window. Try Facebook maybe?

  1. When you spot your ex This is probably the most awkward thing that could happen on Tinder (2nd only to finding a family member). This would trigger everything- shock, anger, guilt, etc. In the end, the thing to keep in mind is that to keep life simple, swipe left.

  1. The hot streak: Every Bro experiences a hot streak on Tinder at least once. And in this period, you feel like the king of the world. Likes everywhere, matches from everyone and a reply to every message; this is the dream. My advice? Cherish it; I promise you it won’t last. ;)

  1. Did I just waste my super like? You see someone really hot and she has everything you could possibly want in a girl – wit, class, personality (among other things ;)) and you use your super like for the day. Just after that, you get someone who is all of that and hotter! And no, ways to turn back time have not been discovered yet.

So, go out there and play the field because Mr. Bro now pronounces you the champion of Tinder!

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