4 shaving mistakes men make

Turning boys into men; a razor has been every teenage boy's most awaited fantasy. Watching your father lather up and shave was so intriguing that you often missed out on all the intricate details as a 15-year-old. And after all these years, having the same morning routine lands cuts on tricky spots like the neck and chin. So here we list down some common shaving mistakes, and some tricks to avoid the same and have a cleaner and closer shave every day. Take a look:


Rushing the process

In an age where men barely have time to swallow their breakfast, grooming routines are a swift affair. But that's where you make a mistake. Rushing the shaving process will result in a shabby finish leaving you with nicks and cuts. Prepare your skin with warm water to soften your stubble and open the pores. Prepping the face for softer hair gives a cleaner and closer shave, making the razor easier to glide.


Shaving against the grain

Most men make this mistake, and that is because they often don't know the difference between either. When we say you should always shave in the same direction as your hair growth, do you even know what direction that is? To clear out the confusion, just run your hand over your beard and when you feel prickliness on your hand, shave in that direction. Shaving against the grain makes your skin more prone to razor burns and results in uneven beard growth.


Too much pressure

When it comes to achieving a perfect shave, less is more. The more pressure you apply on your skin through the razor, the harder your skin gets. The surface of your face gets uneven, leading to nicks and an uneven shave. Shave from your ear height to all the way down to your neck with a relaxed amount of pressure for a clean-shaven look.


Post Shave Care

When you drag a blade across your face, it makes your skin sensitive to redness and rashes. So, to keep your skincare routine in check, it’s best to finish off by washing your face with cold water to close the pores, and dab on some cooling water based moisturiser or balm to calm the skin. You can also use a good aftershave to keep the skin protected and feeling fresh. A couple of extra minutes spent on taking care of yourself will go a long way in retaining the quality of your skin.


Incorporate these small changes to your daily shaving routine, and ace the art of the perfect shave every single time. Now that you know these common mistakes, make the change today and see the difference tomorrow!

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