5 Fitness myths men need to stop believing

Nine men out of ten indulge in some form of exercise. While most claim to be well-informed fitness buffs, they often fall for some common misconceptions. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fitness advice out there that does more harm than good. But fret not, Mr. Bro is here to bust those myths and help you meet your fitness goals the healthy way. Here are some common fitness myths that you need to stop believing right now:


Start with cardio

This myth is responsible for the jams you see at treadmills and cross-trainers at the gym. A more efficient way to tap your energy during a workout is by strength training first. It increases levels of testosterone and cortisol, both of which help you power through the rest of your workout. Doing cardio first will reduce glycogen levels in your body and tire you out sooner. As a result, you will not be able to train as hard as your body needs to.


Always work out in the morning

We’ve often heard our elders say, “If you want to stay fit, wake up and exercise in the morning.” Well, the truth is that there’s no ideal time to work out. You should pick a time consistent with your schedule and stick to it. Some research suggests that working out in the morning does burn fat through the day, but if you cannot accommodate a morning run in your schedule, do it in the evening and stick to that routine.


Crunches lead to great abs

Haven’t we all done multiple crunches furiously, only to give up on the dream of a six-pack? That’s because crunches are not the correct method to achieve great abs. A combination of interval training, stretching, balanced diet, and adequate rest will give you toned abs. Your workout should be tailored for your body; regimes that worked for others may not always work for you.


Sports drinks are a must

Nope. It’s an old lie that sports drink commercials tell us to increase their sales. Having electrolyte-infused sports drinks is not a must after every workout. While they do help rehydrate the body after vigorous workout sessions, good old water works just fine. These sports drinks are often loaded with sugar that slows down the fat-burning process, so they should be had only when really needed. Swap your energy drink with water and a high-protein snack to refuel the body after a tiring workout.


Exercise is the best way to get thin

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common misconceptions people have and they often suffer due to it. While working out is great for maintaining your fitness levels, it is not the only solution to lose weight. You are what you eat, and your diet plays a significant role in slimming you down. A healthy and timely diet, together with correct exercise, will help you achieve a fit body and mind.


With these five fitness myths busted, you can tone up, slim down, and attain your dream body in a healthy, happy way. #MakeYourMove with confidence and ace your fitness goals the right way.

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