5 Hairstyles You Should Try in 2018

Clothes change, but your hair is something that stays the same. So no, you aren’t cuckoo in the head if you spend more time thinking of a great hairstyle than you do picking out the right men’s clothing. The hair trends you find on the catwalk also make it easy to take inspiration from (although there are a few you shouldn’t even be caught dead in). As styles and cuts change, choosing one that looks good and feels comfortable is a task but you don’t need to worry too much. Mr Bro is here with five hairstyles you simply have to try in 2018 so that your hairy situation is not left in a tangle.


1) The top textured hairstyle This look goes well with almost all types of hair. However, there’s no denying this look has it’s to be precise natural curls, a lot of fine hair and coarse hair with a great deal of body. It works for all face types and helps you seal in your look, whether formal or casual, perfectly. No doubt, it requires maintenance and styling but for all the eyes that are going to be on you after the effort, it is definitely worth it. While there is no real length on the fringe, make certain the length on top is even. Taking photos with you so that nailing this look becomes easy is a good idea.


2) The Pomp You can get your style inspo from Zac Efron and David Beckham for this one. Yeah, so now you know why it’s no surprise that this hairstyle is trending and timeless. A great blend between a textured quiff and a sweep back top, this style helps you #MakeYourMove effortlessly. You can work this style with a fade (yes, those trendy short back and sides can never go out of style) or even with a slightly longer textured top. Pulling off this look with a medium length style and no fade at all also helps you look your debonair best. Style it by sweeping your hair in the direction it naturally falls in. Use a hair dryer and hairspray for best results.


3) Grow your hair out What goes around comes around, and men growing their hair out is back with a bang. The ear tuck is a modern twist for long hair that is cool, current and all the rage. Rather than going to a barber, head to a stylist for this look. Come up with a style that adds movement, removes weight and maintains the length of your hair. Maintaining this look requires cuts every three to five months. You can use a hair tonic or a lightweight cream to manage this look in a better way.


4) The buzzcut Yes, this look was trendy in 2017 to such an extent that its effects can be seen till today. It is easy to maintain, requires zero grooming (a blessing for lazy dudes) and looks effortlessly suave. However, there is a catch! This style does not suit every man and works well only for those with wide set jawlines and an angular face structure. Other than the shortcut, you can pair this ‘buzz’ worthy hairstyle with a fade, a colour, a part or distinct facial hair. Discuss the length of your crop beforehand so that there are no surprises when you check out the final result.


5) The Wave Don’t zone off guys! The wave is nothing like a perm. In fact, it looks great for those with rigid hair that is difficult to style. It is great for guys who possess straight hair (the thick, wiry kind) who are looking to add a little movement and laid back texture. To ace this look, you need layering, heat and a few products to set the look in order.


Hair is no such thing as bad publicity (get it, get it?) as long as it isn’t frosted tips, big slicked fringes and unsettling noodle hair (why were these even popular, to begin with?). Mr Bro assures you that keeping a watch on your hair shape, texture and these five trending hairstyles surely help your hair make the cut the right way.

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