Yes, everyone loves wedding season, but when this time around it is your best friend’s big day, the jitters will surely get to you too. Of course, you are part of the groom squad, the privileged lot. This means an added pressure on you to look your best. So, rather than brushing up on your dancing and drinking skills (which you may already be good at), gear up to bring together an ensemble for every function of the wedding.


Don’t worry, Mr. Bro is here to help you #MakeYourMove and see that you don’t get yourself in a tangle. Here are five outfits you can wear when your favorite member of the clan is getting hitched.

The traditional black tuxedo

If standing out isn’t your priority but looking classy is, a black tuxedo helps ace this look to perfection. Remember, your choice of tuxedo is a direct insight into your psyche. Choosing a well-fitted, impeccably styled and pristinely tailored tuxedo in a color that looks good on you is sure to get heads swooning. Usually black is a safe bet since it looks good on every guy. An all-black suit gives the impression of height, which could be perfect if you are vertically challenged!


A three piece suit

There is nothing more chivalrous than a well-fitted and perfectly tailored three-piece suit. Play around with various colors until you find one that offsets your skin seamlessly. When in doubt, wear black and white. Pair this suit up with a vibrantly colored pocket square and chic tie, and you are good to go. Dress to impress and oh! don’t forget to shine your leather shoes.

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Pin-stripped suit

No, the pin-stripped suit is no more solely meant for business players and investment bankers. Today, it is slowly making steady inroads into mainstream formal wear and for good reason too. Remember in case of this attire, less is more. If your suit and tie are striped, your shirt should be of a solid color. Also, you should definitely consider matching the color of the pinstripes to your shirt.



Nothing exudes a traditional look and feel than a classic sherwani, which like the saree, is the quintessence of Indian fashion. It is an extremely popular garment for the wedding season as it gives you a regal appeal. There are various versions of sherwanis that come in various fabrics, silhouettes and colors. You can team your sherwani with dhoti, Patiala salwaars, fitted trousers and even draped lungi.


Bandhgala with jodhpuri pants

A bandhgala has now become a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Wearing a bandhgala to your best friend’s wedding soiree is sure to bring an incomparable sense of sophistication and suave to your style. It works well on every body type and radiates a royal look. You can pair it with jodhpuri pants for an unbeatable, refined look. If you want to own this look, you have to make sure that you get the right fit and cut. The length of the bandhgala jacket should neither be too long nor too short, or else it gives off a boxy, unstructured look.


Just remember to keep it simple but significant and rest assured that everything else will fall into place. With Mr. Bro to the rescue, you know for sure that you can #MakeYourMove in style for your best mate’s wedding. This helps you look sharp even as you stay cool when your best friend gets those pre-wedding anxieties and wants to head for the hills!

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