5 Secrets to Looking Hot at the Gym every Bro Knows

5 Secrets to Looking Hot at the Gym every Bro Knows

A gym isn’t just a place to work out, it can also be a place to work it. Looking hot at the gym is an art and every bro must master it. So here are the secrets you must swear by when it comes to looking good at the gym:

1. Always wear loosely fitted clothes

I know, I know, how are you going to show off your muscles and biceps if your t-shirt doesn’t cling to your body? Trust me, that is definitely not the way to go, bro. You always need to wear clothes that allow your body the space to breathe. Ditch your track pants for loosely fitted joggers. Throw a light, cotton t-shirt on and not only will you look good, your gymming experience will also be more comfortable (unless you forgot that that’s what you go to a gym for).


2. Sleeveless saga

Sleeveless jerseys and t-shirts are the way to go if you are headed towards the gym, especially if you are a bicep guy. You can throw it on over a pair of shorts or joggers and you will be good to go. Not only that, it will make it easier for the narcissist in you to check out your biceps in the gym mirrors.


3. Don’t Accessorise

You might feel tempted to put on that neckpiece with ‘cool’ written on the pendent (admit it you own one) but jewellery never really goes with gym clothes. In addition to that, it could get snagged on to one of the machines and potentially cause you great embarrassment.

4. Use sweat absorbing accessories

Unlike in other situations ‘the sweatier, the better’ is not applicable here. If you are wondering how to not sweat at the gym, let me make it simpler for you. You will sweat and that’s how it is supposed to be, but you can always reduce it by using sweat absorbing accessories. Headbands, wristbands, ankle bands, et can all help absorb sweat and make sure that you look cool even when you are gymming. Just make sure that you buy accessories in sober colours such as black, white or grey so that they don’t clash with your outfit.


5. Bag it

There is no bigger abomination than walking into the gym carrying a white plastic bag from the supermarket. Owning a good bag is one of the most important steps to looking awesome at the gym. And no, you cannot stuff your gym clothes into your laptop bag. Get yourself a duffel bag in black/grey and with a small logo to add the right amount of edge to it.


Keep these rules in mind and soon you will look hotter than ever when (and if) you next visit the gym.

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