5 Signs that prove that you are growing in life

5 Signs that prove that you are growing in life

There comes a time in every bro’s life when the realization of growing up sinks in. This usually goes unnoticed for a long time because every bro is forever young at heart and getting old or growing up is not something we like to relate to. Aren’t these a few things that you’ve felt in passing, but haven’t really registered?

1.Wardrobe changes:

You look at your Batman t-shirt every day and yet somehow you don’t feel like putting it on. The same goes with your sneakers and ripped denims. For some reason, you feel more comfortable in a linen shirt and ironed trousers. It’s not a phase; every bro accepts and adopts a sophisticated façade after reaching a certain level of maturity. In case you have come to this point, you surely are maturing both on the outside and on the inside.

2.Moving up the corporate ladder:

As every bro works hard through the early years in corporate life, his hard work pays off and he moves up the ranks. This requires him to present himself more formally at work. A very major part of this role is to act and look more mature. This comes with careful grooming and smart wardrobe choices. It’s time to put away the denims and chinos for casual occasions and stock up with a variety of formals to impress your superiors at work.

3.Added responsibilities:

As a bro progresses in his career, the amount of responsibility on his shoulders starts increasing as more and more people start working under him. This requires him to dress to impress. Not only will your juniors respect you for your work, they will also look up to you for the way you dress. To make sure that you live up to these expectations, make sure that your attire is up to the mark.

4.Dates get serious!

A bro sees dating a lot differently as he grows in life. Turning up for dates in shorts is no longer an option. The ladies really dig a well-dressed gentleman. Not just this, you’ll find that being chivalrous will take you a long way as well. My advice would be to look your best to portray what a mature and successful person you are.

5.Comfort zones change:

Remember that bright floral shirt you pulled off throughout college? That doesn’t seem too appealing to you now, right? Let me tell you why. As every bro matures, he starts feeling more comfortable in more subtle outfits - greys, blues and tans being the most common. Though these might seem a bit monotonous to you at first, what the women have to say about it will surely change your mind. ;)

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