5 Stylish Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt

Don’t ignore the denim shirt. This underrated apparel has the power to become a staple, once you learn how to wear it right. Style it up with flashy sneakers or pair it with chinos, and this age-old fashion favourite can be a fail-proof ally. If you’re still unsure how to pull it off, look to your friend, stylist, and fashion guru Mr. Bro for advice.

So here are five suave ensembles that make the denim shirt a must-have in your wardrobe.

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Denim on denim

Like Mr. Bro often says, only three things in life are certain – death, taxes, and a pair of good ol’ denims that pass the test of time. This one’s a Kardashian clan special. Kanye’s classic combination of a washed-out blue denim shirt and jeans looks pretty great. The possibilities are endless once you’ve chosen a shade that suits you. The trick lies in picking complementary and not identical colours. Throw on a pair of brown boots and you’ve got yourself a dapper evening look!


The casual street style

Wearing a denim shirt does not necessarily mean you’ll look like you belong to the cover of a Backstreet Boys album. A relaxed and laidback way to pair a denim shirt is by revamping it as a jacket. Just team your basic white t-shirt for men with chinos and a denim shirt for a polished off-duty ensemble. Accessories are key – white sneakers, watch, and leather bracelet will amp up the outfit for casual evening parties and dinners.


Denim shirt with formals

Okay, so a denim shirt may not be a man’s number one choice for formal wear, but when it comes to fashion, it’s okay to bend the rules a little. Replace your formal Oxford shirt with a fitted denim shirt and trousers for an unorthodox office look. Opt for an ink-blue denim shirt with black trousers and formal shoes for an effortless office outfit.


Denim shirt and shorts

Denim shirt and shorts? Hell yes! Don’t shy away from making a statement in this chilled-out combo, because it’s a match made in heaven. Pair khaki or beige shorts with a lightweight denim shirt and loafers for a dapper summer vibe. Mixing denim is a great idea when it’s done right. And you’re in luck – Mr. Bro is going to showcase the best outfits from his repertoire for you to try out this summer.


Mix it up

Inspired by Beckham’s favourite airport look, we bring you the combination of open or half-buttoned denim shirt, solid crew neck t-shirt, and slim fit black jeans. A look you can never go wrong with, this can be your go-to wardrobe staple for the season. A simple black or white t-shirt will make you look refined and the unbuttoned denim will add a relaxed edge to the ensemble. Top off with a classic cap and sunglasses for a little extra glam.


Dress it up, dress it down, layer it, or just leave it open… there are awesome ways to rock the stylish denim shirt as you #MakeYourMove this summer.

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