5 things men should never wear

There are certain things men shouldn’t wear, period. Sure, you live in a free world where you have a right to wear whatever you want. Sure, it is important to be your own person, but if you can help yourself from looking stupid and enhance the chances where you can #MakeYourMove, you should definitely grab the opportunity with both hands. Just because you can do certain things, doesn’t mean you necessarily should. When it comes to formal and casual menswear there are a few unwritten dos and don’ts. However, since time is of the essence, Mr. Bro brings you five most important ones.


1) Cargo shorts

When it comes to casual clothes for men, cargo pants deserve all of the brownie points it can get and for good reason too. After all, they have the ability to fit like a great pair of jeans. However, its hideous cousin, the cargo shorts, should be chucked out of your closet as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how practical and functional they are, it tells the world that your life is a mess and you are living in silent desperation. The main culprit is the cargo shorts pockets that make you look asymmetrical. As a result, people do not hold you in high regard.


2) Extremely tight or loose clothing

There is something about well cut out and tailored men’s clothing that gets all the ladies swooning. Fit is the number one aspect you have to take into account if you want to better your style. No matter what the fashion, style, and look of the attire, if it is too tight or too loose, it is just not going to exude the desired effect. Basically, you are not going to look good. You can keep up your demeanor and charm by simply not wearing any clothing that is too loose and too tight.


3) The formal shoe-sneaker crossover

The crossover between a sneaker sole and a formal shoe upper is still something that requires figuring out. Is it meant to be worn with formal suits for men? Does it look better when paired with more casual attire? Everyone is just as weirded out now as they were before. While there are only a few designers who manage to sculpt them to perfection, there are still fewer men who manage to pull them off. To be on the safe side, just don’t go in for them.


4) The ‘events’ shirt

Setting aside certain pieces of clothing from your wardrobe for specific outings is necessary. After all, you can’t wear your gym clothes to work. But purchasing a separate semi formal dress for men for a party and another one for a brunch is a waste of money. Your special ‘events’ shirt won’t be seen with all the club lighting anyway. So save yourself the effort, money, and time. A simple Oxford shirt is enough and does well for similar kinds of outings.


5) Extremely ripped/distressed jeans

Don’t get the wrong impression, men’s casual jeans that are ripped minimally and in just the right amount are great and exude a laid back and relaxed look. However, looking at less material and more ripped shreds give the impression that you are wearing a rag cloth. They are not really the most trending piece of attire on the block right now and makes you look like the laziest try-hard in the world. Not exactly what you are looking to achieve when you want to #MakeYourMove.


Mr. Bro has made things a little easier for you by bringing up five things no man should ever wear or even be caught dead in! Here’s hoping you’re wise enough to follow them and avoid the biggest style sins known to man.

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