Your shirt speaks a thousand words about you, bro. Heading out for work, or a cocktail party? I am sure you know that this essential piece of clothing is a fail-proof staple. So, let’s find out what your shirt reveals about you.

1.The Checked Shirt

Often called the ‘Lumberjack Shirt’, this looks best when paired with blue fitted denims. You can wear it over a t-shirt, if you want to add layers to your clothing. The casual checked shirt is for the bro who wants to look laid-back, yet is not afraid to experiment a little with colours. He, who swears by this shirt, wants to look fabulous without putting much thought or effort to it. And this casual look leaves the ladies asking for more ;)

2.The Formal Shirt

The sharp and elegant formal shirt is the choice for those who want to look professional, whatever the occasion may be. A classic white shirt is something you can never go wrong with, be it under a suit or with the sleeves casually folded. This style has been adopted by the man who wants to exude class and takes much pride in his appearance. He is either a corporate player who is always ready for the board-room or simply admires the art of dressing elegantly. This elegance and charm sweeps ladies off their feet time and again.

3.The Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt is a casual classic. Best worn with chinos or slim-fit denims and loafers, this look can be categorised as anything but scruffy. The general style of this shirt is formal but the soft collar, thick fabric, and the loose fit give the Oxford shirt a very relaxed feel. This bro wants to merge class with comfort, the absolute ingredients for a timeless look.

4.The Short Sleeve Shirt

This has had a bad reputation in the past but has made a successful come-back in the world of men’s fashion. It can be casually worn with a t-shirt inside or with dark denims. The guy who wears the short-sleeve shirt is not afraid to try something new and prioritises comfort over sophistication. And this simplicity is what the ladies love about this bro!

5.The Button Down Collar Shirt

These were first introduced by polo players who did not want the collar distracting them during the competition. The button-down collar shirt is an amalgamation of formal and sporty. This bro likes to wear clothes that are comfortable and practical. His ensemble radiates his down-to-earth attitude and the ladies absolutely dig this!

Bro, now that you know what your shirt says about you, pick the right one and let it do all the talking.

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