6 Habits That Make You Look More Younger

You know what’s worse than death, taxes and heartbreak? Growing old! Don’t take this the wrong way. Learn to accept and love yourself. Changing physique and face is a part and parcel of life but looking good despite all of these factors hogging the limelight, now that’s a challenge. So how do you #MakeYourMove and find ways to cheat nature? Well, Mr. Bro has your back. Here are six lifestyle tweaks that make you look younger even as the years continue to take their relentless toll.


1) Exercise and stay fit

Regular exercise slows down the ageing process. So whether it is hitting the gym, trekking, swimming or even walking your dog, do it regularly for most days of the week. The continuous activity enhances blood circulation and is good for your heart, skin and health. Focus on power training and incorporate resistance exercises for muscles as well as cardiovascular exercises for the lungs and heart. Don’t forget to stretch for flexibility.


2) The way you dress matters

Since how you look is a sign of how you feel, revamp your wardrobe. Think beyond blues, greys and blacks. When shopping for casual or formal shirts for men, check if you can get your hands on something that reflects your eye colour. Refrain from playing it safe and opt for pieces with interesting shapes and details (It’s all about the ‘wow’ factor). You don’t have to be extravagant, take a simple outfit and inject a breath of fun to it either with an eye catching tie or stylish jacket. Well cut and tailored formal suits for men also look lean and smart.


3) Get a good amount of sleep

You are human, you need rest to function and when your co-workers or family tells you that you look tired, it’s time to welcome the comfy warmth of the bed with open arms again. Sleep is important if you do not want your brain function to fall into an abyss. Needless to say, it is also important if you want to look younger, happy and more attractive and who in their right mind wouldn’t want that right? (Well, unless you are sleep deprived in which case your brain literally isn’t in its right mind).


4) Get a trendy hairstyle

Grey hair isn’t the only thing that says your life is finished, a boring and outdated hairstyle can send this message across equally well too. How you choose to cut and style your hair matters. There are various hairstyles trending that take you from basic to fantastic in minutes (okay not minutes but you get the idea). Long hair is risky and can look messy if you do not maintain it regularly so if you are willing to put in time and effort by all means, go ahead.


5) Don’t forget your sunglasses

Too much sunshine (the harsh kind, of course) is a bad thing. When we narrow our eyes or strain to see things in the sun, we speed up the damage to the skin around the eyes. Sunglasses protect you from squinting which, in turn, safeguards you from wrinkles and crow’s feet and plus they make your look stylish and suave which is actually a win-win situation (so there’s really nothing you can complain about). Oh and while you’re at it, slather on some sunscreen that provides good SPF too. You will minimise sun damage.


6) Upgrade your grooming routine

Shave a few years off you with an upgraded grooming routine. Set an ideal grooming ritual and make sure you stick to it. Improve your grooming routine by opting for an improved shaving kit. It works to reduce inflammation, which is actually the key culprit for skin dehydration and acne. Make sure you keep those annoying in-grown hairs at a safe distance by picking a salicylic based astringent.


So, if the guy staring back at you in the mirror seems worn-out and ragged-looking, do not panic (and do NOT break the mirror). You still have many more years to #MakeYourMove if you follow Mr Bro’s six habits religiously.

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