The 6 Shoes Every Bro Needs

The 6 Shoes Every Bro Needs

Every bro worth his beer knows that the perfect shoes complement and complete an outfit. The perfect pair helps you be your most comfortable, suave self and score at both work and play. So which are these working-class heroes that talk you up even better than your go-to Saturday night wingman? Have no fear, Mr Bro is here, and I’m going to help you pick the right pairs and shoo away your woes.

1. Black Lace-ups


Think sophistication. Think old-world, British public school charm. These gorgeous black lace-ups will carry you James Bond style from busy business meetings to that big, beautiful night with your Eva Green. Pair these with a tux or a semi-formal outfit with a blazer and of course, a dirty martini (shaken not stirred).

2. Brown Brogues


Brogues can be your best friend (after me of course!). Why? They’reso multifaceted—you can pair them with anything and wear them nearly everywhere! Yes, from suits to jeans; and events such as business meetings to weddings to date nights. Invest in good-quality leather brogues from a top-notch brand (yes, it is a pocket pinch, but come on, quality over quantity!) and get ready to get checked out- top to bottom.

3. Suede Chukkas


You want to keep it comfy and casual, but with a touch of class? Suede chukkas are your answer then! Chukkas are the amazing bridge between dressy and casual. If you are ever confused between formal and informal, throw on a pair of classic suede chukkas. And they shall never disappoint you.

4. Casual Boots


So we’ve covered formal events and semi-formal events. Now, what about your off-days? Well, lace up these hardy, multipurpose bad boys to #MakeYourMove. Casual boots can take you from rainy days to afternoon dates to camping trips. Cool, right? But never commit the faux pas of pairing boots with suits. Top Bro Tip: keep it casual with a pair of jeans.

5. Simple Sneakers


Ah, the humble sneakers. While they’re a friend in need at the gym, the squash court, while running errands, etc…make them your worst enemy at work, weddings or on a date. Sneakers keep us comfortable, fit and athletic and remind us to stay grounded and keep it real.

6. Slip-ons


Slip-ons are the best shoes to wear when you are dressing up casual. Just like chukkas, slip-ons are highly appropriate when you want to dress casually yet not look too laid-back at the same time. Choose loafers when you want to look sharp, or choose moccasins when you want to up the style quotient just by a notch. These go with chinos, denims, shirts, polo necks, etc.

So the next time you find yourself confused in front of the mirror (or at the shoe store) you know what to wear (or buy) to look like the debonair bro you are.

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