7 Evergreen Fashion Styles of the 21st Century

7 Evergreen Fashion Styles of the 21st Century man

Remember 10 years ago when baggy pants were a thing? Well, it’s better to forget and move on. (Since we definitely can’t forgive!) Men’s fashion has (thankfully) evolved immensely since then. Trends have come and gone, but some staples have maintained an everlasting impact on our wardrobes. Mr. Bro is here to give you the down low on the most striking styles of the 21st century.

1.Leather Jacket

Ah yes, the leather jacket—the epitome of cool. Ironically, if you have a leather jacket, you’re set to simmer this winter, and every other . You just have to throw one on or over your shoulder, comb back your hair (or not) and keep that James Dean smirk on your face to #MakeYourMove. The leather jacket has endured from the 1940s, and Marlon Brando in the 50s made the leather jacket the “it” clothing item if you wanted to go against the norm. Well, the simple jacket is no longer restricted to the rebel’s closet. It has seen changes but it has remained, and it still is a staple in every 21st century man’s wardrobe.


2.White Chinos

Chinos are the one acceptable pants that you can wear to both an informal and formal event. With its origin in the military, it soon became very popular among the general mass. Sadly, they did die a little in popularity back in the last century (cue sad funeral music), but oh they are back! And how! And now white chinos are the star of the show. You can pair them with anything—from a cardigan to look preppy-chic to a denim shirt to look like you have a golf handicap of 10! The choices are endless. But, but keep your chinos hemmed and well-fitted. If you miss the cozy comfort of your baggy pants, you can move on and can allow the easy-to-wear but much more stylish chinos into your life. It is worth it, trust Mr Bro.



Born in the 19th century (yes, they’re that old), loafers have successfully lived throughout the centuries. The last century was a crazy time (looking specifically at the 80s and 90s) and loafers took a backseat. But they’ve boomeranged back into your closet again, especially with the onset of the “hipster” culture where an easy-chic outfit is incomplete without classsy leather loafers.


4.Bow Ties

The bow tie for too long was a dinner jacket accompaniment, but now it is foraying into popular trends. More men now are pairing this with casual outfits, to look more formal or dressy, in social soirees or business events alike. A bow tie instantly jazzes up an outfit. Bow ties are usually linked to intellectual men. And since nerd is the new cool, put on your bow ties to look suave and clever at the same time.


5.Bomber Jacket

Another style of clothing that had its origin on the battlefield, bomber jackets are still in demand. Thanks to popular rappers like Kanye West in the 2000s, and Drake in the 2010s, bomber jackets have made its way into everybody’s closet in the last few years. The bomber not only looks great, it is comfortable and warm. So if you are on a vacation in the Alps or the Himalayas, don’t forget to pack one!


6.Bold Sneakers

Who says sneakers always have to be black or white and boring? And who said that you can only wear them to the gym? Ever since 2015, high-end brands have been slowly introducing men to bold, bright colours when it comes to sneakers. Red, leopard print, bright blue—if you want it, you can flaunt it. Sneakers now come in a variety of textures and styles, and you can now almost pair them with anything! For instance, and this is Mr Bro approved, pair your bold sneakers with cropped denims and a shirt (throw over a jacket too, if you want) to look effortlessly stylish.


7.Chambray Shirts

Chambray and denim are often confused with one another. But despite the confusion, both had risen a lot this past few years in popularity. Chambray is much softer than denim and easier to style (with chinos and loafers no less). Famous celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and Ranveer Singh are often found wearing chambray shirts. And since the lady in your life is possibly swooning over them, you should get one yourself too (just Mr Bro being honest here).


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