7 New Year’s resolutions you must make and accomplish in 2018

The New Year brings new hopes and opportunities to start afresh. Now that the New Year has kick-started; start anew if you already haven't. Make a set of realistic goals that infuse positivity into your life and uplift your spirits as you tick them off through the year!

If you are wondering, what can be your new year’s resolutions that are realistic and achievable, here are 7 super easy and rewarding resolutions you can make and accomplish in 2018:


Get in Shape

This year, decide to take care of your body with achievable goals. Start by adding healthy home cooked meals to your diet and exercising at least thrice a week. Make your routine fun by convincing your friends to join you for a run!


Do what you love

Pick a hobby. Hobbies are excellent stress busters that lower the stress levels and improve cognitive functioning. Whether it is reading, painting, writing, knitting or anything else, following your hobby throughout the year is one New Year’s resolution that you can make and achieve with ease.


Invest in yourself

How you look is how you feel. Take care of your skin by getting a facial or get your teeth cleaned because you have the power to feel and look great. In 2018, make it a point to devote time to yourself as you present a more confident and good looking self to the world.


Let go of one vice

Everyone has at least one bad habit that causes them to succumb to pressure. This New Year, start by letting go of any vice that affects you and your health as a whole. It could mean giving up smoking, drinking, gambling or even cribbing!


Make a grooming routine

We often forget to appreciate the little things we have in life until we start losing it. Like the hair on our head! Tame the mane while you still have it. Start by regularly oiling your hair, washing the scalp properly, and lastly, by using a rehydrating conditioner. Loosen up on all the styling gels and use protective serums to reduce breakage and dryness. Let 2018 be the year of drastic manes as you snazzy it up in style!


Live the experience

We often spend long hours earning money in a small cubicle without learning the experience. In 2018, decide to travel more even if it means budget trips on the weekend. A resolution that you will accomplish through the countless memories you create.


Redo your wardrobe

This new year, redefine your style and make a statement by dressing sharp in clothes that are in vogue. It will not just make you look more appealing but also enhance your confidence. Revamp your wardrobe by investing in classic colours of shirts and trousers, denim and tees that are both chic and sophisticated.


Let 2018 be the year you cherish and accomplish your resolutions. Put these positive resolutions into action and unfold a new you this year!

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