A Day in office

A Day in office

We all know the basics of office wear. Our colleagues and the office ethos have all agreed the conventional guidelines as to what (and what not) to wear in and around the workplace.

What you wear on a particular day depends on various factors like the weather, possible meetings at work place, and may be a date, later in evening. In this blog we will take you through some key tips that you must keep in mind when you are dressing up.

They will not only help you form an impression every time you put a little thought into your dressing, but also make you feel confident and powerful. The Fit : It’s imperative that one nails the fit to the T. Whether it’s a suit, a shirt or trouser, the fit can make or break an outfit.

Trousers: As the trousers leg falls,  there is meant to be only one break at the front, and none at the back. A slim trouser leg needs to finish just above the shoe, so as to avoid it sitting on top of the laces.


Shirts: Another unforgivable error is the basic fit across the shoulders, where the sleeve should fall on the tip of the shoulder bone for a contemporary cut. Too much shoulder on show will have the adverse affect of making you look out of proportion, as your top half looks broad and your sleeve falls short of your wrist.


Jacket: Finally the length of the jacket is what defines the suit jacket and separates from its longer counterpart, the sports jacket. It should finish no longer than mid-way down your backside, and no shorter than the top of your backside. When a jacket is too cropped, it loses its masculinity


The detailing: Detail is what really separates the sartorial gent, from his contemporaries. Pocket squares have become an accessory that are here to stay; adding flair and some life to otherwise bland work wear. Similarly, a bold deep colored scarf can add character to a suit and save you from a cold. A smart belt that color co-ordinates with the rest of the leather is a very basic but very often ignored tip.


The Watch: Finally, any well dressed man knows the power of a great watch. They can really make a statement and finish off your outfit perfectly; essentially they are a huge insight into your personality. Opt for a classic, fuss free design with a slim profile. You want your watch to fit seamlessly under your shirt and blazer, without creating any unnecessary bulk. Not only that, but slim designs are classy and show a refined elegance – perfect for the well dressed gentleman.

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