All You Need To Know About Wearing Suits

All You Need To Know About Wearing Suits

Suits are an essential in every stylish man’s closet and can prove to be quite the head turner. To help you #MakeYourMove and be the ladies’ man you were born to be, I, Mr.Bro solemnly swear to help you decode the simple but often inaccurately worn suit.

1.The Fit

Having a tailored suit, to suit just you is very important. However, if you choose to buy off the rack you might want to get it re-adjusted so that it fits you perfectly. Make sure there is enough room in your pants, but not too much. The hands should fit in snugly between the vest and the suit for the ideal fit. And a well fitted suit always earns you brownie points from the ladies.


They form the frame of your suit jacket along with the shoulder pads. Lapels add a sense of time to the kind of look you are aiming for. Broad lapels look old-school and formal while thinner ones might even take off ten years. A stylish bro(which you are probably not) should have a wide selection of ties to match the width of their lapels. But if you don’t then stick to the safer, darker colours such as brown.

3.Shoulder Pads

While certain news anchors (wouldn’t the nation want to know) enhance their pads, these should be just the right fit. If you think they are too big, try standing against a wall to feel the distance they put between your frame and the wall. To check if they are small or not raise your arms. You won’t comfortably be able to do so if they are. Because you wouldn’t want your hands to feel tied the whole time, if you know what I mean ;)

4.Pocket Square

Contrast is key here. Pocket squares can be a way to the break the monotony along with a matching tie. If the colour and style of the suit is very formal, the square should be contrasted in both terms of colour and texture of material.


To avoid a common fashion faux pas, and destroy the perfect suit you invested so much time and thought in, be careful when you’re sitting. Unbutton your suit or just the last button to avoid ruining a perfect outfit by making it bend and fold at odd angles.


For the brave bro, who can pull of a splash of colour even with a formal suit, socks are the go to. Argyle is a timeless classic, especially in colours contrasting with the suit. And needless to say, the ladies dig the adventurous bros!


As a general rule, the tie should always be darker than the shirt underneath it. A Windsor knot is the safest bet when wearing a tie. Mondays (the broader part of the tie) should be longer than Sundays (the thin one at the back) and the tie should be somewhere between the navel and the belt.


It adds a touch of elegance and ideally should stick out as much as the collar visible from the back of the neck. As Barney Stinson would say, ‘Suit Up!’ and while you are at it, why not look the best with a little help from Mr. Bro?

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