Bring the 90's back with these 6 trends

The bros before us left behind a treasure trove of styles and trends for us to explore. The 90s witnessed a fashion revolution with the influence of rock and widespread globalization which resulted in the intermingling of a large number of cultures. This gave rise to a huge variety of fashion styles. While some of them disappeared to never return again, some have made reappearances from time to time.

Here are a few trends from the 90s that every bro should definitely try out:

1. Ripped Jeans:

This trend became popular with the rise of rock bands and the huge fan following that they gained. While they have gained popularity several times over the years, this time they have returned looking bolder and better. The rips are now bigger and rougher, while the fabric has a certain unkempt look to it. Remember that a bro never shies away from experimenting, so when you pick your pair of ripped jeans go for the acid washed ones.


2. The Ol’ Unbuttoned Shirt:

Every cool bro from the 90s had a signature style- the t-shirt under an unbuttoned shirt. This style gradually faded out but it is all set to make a comeback this season. You can go for the more classic version of this look and pick a checked shirt or you can be slightly edgy and pick a solid coloured shirt. The best part is, the ladies dig this look.;)


3. Solid tees under blazers:

We’ve all been highly enticed by this street style trend that the 90s so widely publicized. Throw on a casual blazer over a solid tee and a pair of loose fitting jeans and you will be able to achieve this look. These look amazing on every body type, giving all bros a look that is a perfect balance between ‘cool’ and ‘street’. So the next time there is a party around the block, you know what to wear to get all the women swooning.


4. Denim Jackets:

Denim jackets will always remain a timeless classic for us bros. From a biker's jacket to a bomber jacket, there are a huge variety that you can choose from. The best part about these jackets is that they are perfect for almost any occasion (other than formal event; though you can try that and tell us how that worked out). Just throw them on over a pair of loose jeans, a simple t shirt or a checked shirt and sneakers, and you will be good to go.


5. Combat boots:

Timberland and Woodland were the kings of the 20thcentury; every bro wanted a pair, and for good reason. Not only do these give you a formidable appearance, they are so resistant that they suit all kinds of lifestyles. The best part is that you can wear them for every occasion- parties, meetings, treks you name it.



Since chinos and other variations of formal trousers came into the picture, baggy cargoes have almost gone obsolete. These comfortable, heavy-duty pants were the backbone of the era of rap. As baggy apparel has started making an impact again, it’s only a while before cargoes become the favourite garment for the bros of this era.


Sometimes we all need to go back in time for some inspiration and then come back looking more awesome than before. So the next time you are picking your outfit, don't forget to add a dash of the 90s to it.

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