Caring for clothes – done right!

Do you often find yourself discarding too many clothes too soon? Do you usually end up complaining about the quality of the material? Then you are most likely doing something wrong with your clothing. Many people aren’t aware that different materials need different methods of washing and caring. Maintaining quality clothing is a matter of science and a little effort. Here’s how you go about it:

Suits and Trousers

Many people send their suits and trousers out for a dry cleaning only after having worn it 2-3 times. As much as that is the right thing to do, there is one little addition you must make to this post-use care that will help save you money and can help you minimize the number of visits to the cleaner. Simply use a clean brush with stiff bristles and brush the surface of the suits and the trousers. This will clean out the food and dirt that has settled on the outer surface.



Some people believe that hand washing your shirts will help maintain it better. That is not entirely true. A washing machine does a better job of handling your shirt with care than your own hands would. Remember to always run it on a warm set up without excess detergent. As for the dirt on your shirt collars, the sweat stains are quite in-your-face. Go easy on the scrubbing; you don’t want to spoil the cloth. Simply use vinegar, it’ll bleach the cloth and clear away all the sweat stains.



T-shirts are no different than the other pieces of clothing. So it doesn’t really need a delicate setting on your washing machine. Simple toss it in the machine with a medium to hot setting and let it hang dry. However this could lead to shrinking. Don’t worry! Simply soak your T-shirts in a bath of hot water and hair conditioner for five minutes and stretch it back to your size. It’ll be back in its shape just like that!



Please note that you might have to be a little bit more cautious with your denims. Wash them naturally or wash it with detergent in a hot bath to ensure that the denim material doesn’t lose its dark fabric. Better yet! Don’t wash your jeans. And if they really need to be washed, simply throw them in the freezer. Fold your jeans neatly and stuff it inside a large zip lock bag. Leave the jeans in the freezer for a week. This will kill any dirt (read: living organisms) and will leave you with crisp jeans.


Never thought about putting so much effort for washing your clothes? If you want your clothes to last longer and have a better quality of fabric, then you might consider changing that. With these easy tricks and suggestions you can now extend the life of your clothes by yourself.

And if you’re the kind who find easy hacks to save time and effort, then don’t go anywhere. We’ve got something in store for you.

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