Colour Charisma: Adding more colours to your wardrobe this spring/summer

Colour Charisma: Adding more colours to your wardrobe this spring/summer

This is the month of colours and contrary to popular belief being a man doesn’t imply being colour blind. For a fashion forward modern man, you must be dressed like the star you know you are. I, Mr. Bro, promise to help you look hot as hell and much more colour educated as we step into 2017.

Here are a few pointers keeping this year’s trends in mind to help you pick out the perfect clothes this summer:

Strongly acidic yellow - This particular shade of yellow works well for the summer season. A white and black pairing looks classic with acidic yellow. Bright yellow shoes can be worked into an otherwise sober outfit to add that little bit of edge to your ensemble.

New neutral shades - There are a host of neutral colours to look forward to this summer. While a neutral colour acts like the backdrop of your outer wear, it is also the canvas of your painting. A lot of bright colours can be easily paired with this year’s neutrals. Chamois, butterscotch and mauve are this season’s top picks for neutral tones. They can be topped with spicier tones and earth colours for bringing out a contrast that is not visually jarring.

Go green - Greens are the definite winner when it comes to the most heavily draped on colour this year. For hotter days, steer clear of dark shades. Dark skinned men can wear almost any shade of this colour while fairer men should restrict themselves to lighter greens and avoid darker tones of the colour. Pair up your greens with lighter colours like yellow and other shades of the same colour. White is again a safe bet when matching greens seems a task.

Cuban collars - These fit perfectly into any man’s summer look-book. Cuban collars work for a variety of outfits ranging from street chic to high end. Not only are they airy and super comfy, they can encompass a variety of occasions and provide you with a lot of scope to play with colours. Hawaiian and summer prints lend a sense of coolness in bright blues and oranges. Stripes and bold colours look dazzling and relaxed and can turn a sober look into a statement. And bro, remember the ladies are never disappointed by a man who experiments a little with colours and prints.

Stripes and checks - The classics shouldn’t be given a miss this season. Wear your stripes bold and loud. Black and white thick stripes look good, as do thin stripes in contrasting colours. Timeless tartan prints in almost any colour work well as long as they are big and bold.

With your fashion foot forward, step out this summer and splash the town in your colours!

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