Decoding Diwali dressing with 5 easy steps:

Decoding Diwali dressing with 5 easy steps

It’s no secret that Diwali is the most awaited festival of the year. Everyone looks forward to the celebrations, the partying and all the reunions that we have. Mr. Bro is going to make sure that you get to know what exactly to wear to look your best this Diwali. What every bro should know is that kurta-pajamas aren’t the only option available for guys anymore. And with the way society is more flexible and accepting of how we present ourselves every bro has a great variety of outfits to pick from. To do this however, you need to dress according to what suits your personality. Mr. Bro is there to help you do that:

The Traditional Bro:

If you like going the whole way with the Diwali celebrations, donning fine traditional clothes is something that you definitely look forward to. This Diwali, instead of opting for the age-old kurta-pyjama again, be a daredevil and try out something a bit more elaborate. A well designed sherwani could be an amazing way to go. In case you want to mix it up a little, you could try a finely embroidered dhoti-kurta. Mr. Bro is sure that you will be your family’s favourite this Diwali.


Casually Ethnic:

What sets bros apart from a crowd is the importance of comfort to each of us. You might not be comfortable wearing extremely heavy fabrics or not want to go through the turmoil of tying a dhoti and yet want to look ethnic for a change. If you are stuck in such a dilemma, take the safest route- denims and a cool kurta. This is a win-win for everyone.


Life in the Corporate Circles:

Though at home we might be as traditional as possible, every bro needs to suit-up for corporate get-togethers. Don’t make the mistake of trying on a tux as it just makes you look a bit too casual. A formal three-piece suit would be smart way to go. Mr. Bro would advise you to try the monochromatic charm of a groutfit. It would make you look classy and sober at the same time.


The Experimental Bro:

A true bro never shies away from experimenting. This Diwali, ditch the conventional and indulge the funky in you. The key is to mix and match, but make sure that you don’t end up looking like a total misfit. You can pair a traditional cotton dhoti with a t-shirt or a printed shirt or you can pair a Pathani kurta with your denims. You can also pair a plain kurta with fitted capris and sneakers. Just make sure you pick bright fresh colors, instead of the usual dull ones and you will be good to go. And the best part is, the ladies love well-dressed men who can pull off bold outfits.


Party animals:

Is Diwali mostly about chilling and partying for you? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just make sure that you’re dressed for the part. No one wants your posse to walk into a pub in sherwanis. If you’re planning to hit the bars with the bros this Diwali, dress for it. You could either go for the sophisticated look by donning really classy formal wear or go completely casual with denims and a tee.


We hope Mr. Bro has been helpful in clearing your dilemmas about dressing for this Diwali’s celebrations. We hope you have a Happy and Safe Diwali!

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