Different types of wristwatches for men

A wristwatch is an accessory that you will find in every man’s closet. It’s a man’s pride and an immensely important possession that a man uses to accessorise himself. It speaks a lot about the wearer’s style and personality. It is passed on through generations, as a priced property. There are numerous models to choose from, each with its own set of features and individual appeal. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an amasser of watches, Mr. Bro is here to help you pick the best wristwatch that will complement your personality.

Mr. Bro presents to you a curated list of varied wristwatches that you can choose from so you can #MakeYourMove in style:


Automatic wristwatch

Automatic or self-winding wristwatches get their name from their mechanical nature. The watch runs on the natural action of the wearer say walking or any movement that powers the watch to keep ticking and thereby, making manual winding unnecessary. However, these can wind up manually too if needed. A popular retro choice among young professionals these days, automatic watches can be a great style statement.


Diver wristwatch

Designed especially for underwater use; diver wristwatches are a saviour this monsoon season. Crafted originally for deep-sea diving, these premium pieces are super-durable and practical for a busy professional on the move. They come with a glow-in-the-dark dial, capable of resisting shock and chemicals, and have incredibly attractive aesthetics.


Chronographic wristwatch

The chronograph wristwatch is the sophisticated version of a simple stopwatch. With a start-and-stop, push button on the side, these watches can be used to time events and races. It’s the manliest watch for a gentleman, looking for a combination of class and style. These inherently attractive pieces have vintage sub-dials that get you carried away and leave you gazing at the clean and symmetrical design.


Fashion wristwatch

Fashion watches are a great style statement for collectors or connoisseurs in watches, and come encrusted with precious gemstones. If you look at your watch as means of determining your status and lifestyle and want to make heads turn, these trendy pieces make the right choice for you. Renowned designers are now offering a more affordable range for men to choose from, for a daily yet luxury wear. Customisation of dial sizes, straps and materials used are done as per requirements varying with age and taste of men.


Dress wristwatch

A range of elegant, simple, and minimalistic design pieces, these watches are primarily designed to complement formal clothing or business wears. Made Proportionate with the wearer’s wrist the leather straps looks just perfect on every wrist it is put on. Pair a classic dress watch with your evening jacket or business suit for a head-to-toe chic ensemble.


Wearing a watch that appropriately complements your personality will ensure you a look which is best for you every single day. Your friend, mentor, and fashion connoisseur Mr. Bro is the right person to help you pick the best wristwatch that suits your needs. So select one that’s right for you and #MakeYourMove in style.

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