There were days when denim or more particularly wearing denim on denim was a cardinal sin. Luckily, those days are long behind us. Today, (now that we know what the worst-case scenarios of the 70s fashion disasters are), finding denim pieces that impress and how are not that difficult. With #MrBro here to help you #MakeYourMove, things are even simpler. So rather than demonizing the denim, exorcize any ounce of hesitation you have with these tips.


Going double denim

It can be tricky to pull off a denim shirt and jeans but it’s not rocket science. Go in for a larger shirt and slim fit jeans. It helps to create the perfect contrast. If you decide on double blue denim, pick dark blue denim jeans and a blue denim shirt in a lighter shade. Combining too much of a similar shade isn’t a good idea. You can also play it safe by picking a pair of black slim-fit jeans and teaming it up with a denim shirt.


Well cut and tailored outfits are essential

A fit top and bottom wear can make the whole outfit come crashing down. All your denim pieces need to fit you well and need to be structured, slim and well fitted. Keep this aspect in mind and you can pretty much ace any denim look.


Jumping onto the distressed denim bandwagon

When contrasting colours don’t always work, distressed denim is a simple solution. It helps break the monotony of looking plain in a single colour. However, make certain only one item from your ensemble is distressed. It helps you look classy and understated. You can pair your black distressed jeans with a light wash jacket for an effortless yet lasting impression. Stay away from going all out and distressing your entire outfit though (unless you want to look like a homeless vagabond).


Layering up denim in similar washes

You can absolutely wear blue shades in similar washes. Through the subtle art of layering, you can be sure the shades of blue do not blend together. Add a hint of colour to your attire by pairing a denim shirt and jeans with a jacket in a contrasting colour. Put on a striking pair of shoes, carry a bag pack, put on your sunglasses or even put on a printed sweater underneath your jacket and you are good to go.


Don’t look dated

Yes, we know this is one thing you don’t consciously strive to achieve but sometimes things can take an old-fashioned turn without you even realizing it. Try to add hints of texture to the outfit, even if it is with the help of scarves or beanies to give a fresh twist. You can even think about trying denim jackets with fleece lining.


With these basics in mind, it won’t take long for denim to become your go-to piece of the ensemble for any occasion. Rest assured, thanks to #MrBro, you surely begin to wonder why it was ever considered a major fashion crime in the first place.

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