Dressing Crisp –Accessorizing a suit

Dressing Crisp –Accessorizing a suit


We established that a suit is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe in our last blog. It is now time to take the styling a step further by accessorizing it in the best possible way. You can enhance the color, fit and the overall look of a suit by using the right elements.

We’ll touch on these elements in this blog. Shoes: When buying shoes, start with basics like a pair of black cap toe shoes, a pair of brown Oxfords or tan brogues – these are easy to wear and match different colored suits. As always, it’s important to keep your shoes clean and well maintained. Nothing ruins a great look, especially of a suit, more than a pair of grubby, un maintained shoes.


Pocket Squares 

A pocket square adds an undeniable touch of elegance and individuality. It can spruce up even the drabbest of suits. A flash of gold paisley against the backdrop of a navy blazer brings an extra dimension to your party wear as much as a simple white handkerchief can bring together your white shirt and charcoal suit in the boardroom. Try it next time you decide to wear a suit.




When it comes to ties, as a rule of thumb, draw out a color from the shirt. For example, take a light blue shirt with pink stripes. To match this, we would recommend a blue tie with a dash of pink in it. You can keep this simple rule in mind - Combine by complimenting the colors.



A suit works with a black hat or one in a solid neutral color. Since suits are usually worn for serious occasions, a multicolored hat may not do justice to the sobriety of the suit, or for that matter, any other outfit. We suggest plainer colors for hats worn with suits; these can be either the same shade as the suit or a shade darker.



A scarf compliments smart-casual looks beautifully and provide a great alternative to a tie when dressing down a suit. This is due to the overall delicate nature of the scarf. Think of it as a graceful and gentlemanly finishing touch.


Lapel pin and Tie Bars

A lapel pin is an accessory suitable for a casual occasion. Its effect is to draw attention to a particular part of your outfit. For example: use the pin to secure a wayward scarf to a jacket lapel. Equally, the lapel pin can be worn just on its own, adding depth to the whole look.

Use these correctly and in the manner that they were designed. For example: Don’t use a tie bar with a cardigan or waistcoat because your tie is already securely.



The Belt is an accessory that is completely dependent on personal taste. Keep in mind a simple rule: always match the color and, if possible, the texture of your leather, when you are wearing a suit to look neat and well co-ordinated. For example, wear a brown leather belt with brown shoes as shown in the example:


This brings us to the end of our blogpost. We hope this has enriched your knowledge about accessories that can be worn while donning a suit.

We would love to read your feedback. Feel free to comment and let us know how we can improve the blog, or if there are any specific topics you would like us to cover.

Till next week…

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