Dressing Crisp - The Suit

Dressing Crisp - The Suit

A crisply dressed man is usually successful in creating the right impression. That’s why we bring you a series of blogs on how you can do exactly that.

The Suits

There is nothing more unique and essentially ‘male’ than the suit consisting a pair of well-fitted formal trousers or pants, a formal shirt in a color that compliments the suit and a well fitted blazer.

The options that are available to you when it comes to color, patterns and what to pair them with are never ending. Your life could never get boring.


Black is a popular color and should be a definite member of your wardrobe. However, it is not advisable for a business meeting or in the day time.

It is best to keep black for the evening when it can be worn to create a statement. If you want to wear a dark color in the day, consider charcoal grey instead of black.


When it comes to the jacket, make sure that it hugs your shoulders, is slim in the body and that it covers your bottom.


The formal trousers should be slim, not skinny, and have a break that suits your personal taste. Go for a slight break so that you can show a bit of sock when walking or sitting down.

As long as the suit fits you properly, you can dress it up or down to your tastes. When you dress up, do consider dress shirts, grenadine ties and Derby shoes or neutral t-shirts, trainers and chambray shirts combinations.

Style for different body types:

For the Average height Gentleman

Showing more cuffs from the bottom of your jacket will lengthen your arms and make you seem more in proportion.

A little break in your trousers will add to your height. Peak lapels will also help lengthen your torso. Lower buttons on the jacket helps you add longer lines to your body. Try not wearing a belt so that it doesn’t break up your body so much.

For the Tall Gentleman

Lighter colors are going to add width to your body so embrace these colors. Try to stay away from the charcoal greys and blacks or pair them with a colorful shirt and tie combination.

Try to buy two-button suit.

Go for a minimum amount of cuff showing from your jacket. A decent amount of break on your trousers as well will help add width to your appearance.

For the broad Gentleman

Wear a pocket square to bring the focus to your chest rather than your stomach.

Go with simple shirts in solid colors rather than gingham checks or stripes.

Avoid skinny lapels or ties they will only make you look wider.

For the well built Gentleman

Try not to include peak lapels or pocket squares to your jacket.

Try two-button jackets and low collared shirts to create a V-effect on your torso, creating a slimming but not skinny appearance.

It is strongly recommended that you have your suit jacket taken in at the sides if you have extra-wide shoulders but not the same size waist. Cut that excess material away.



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