Fashion For Everyone - 1 Shirt 7 Looks!

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren

When a renowned fashion designer says that fashion doesn’t have to do with a wardrobe full of clothes of different styles and trends, you can be certain that it’s true. All you need, to be fashionable is a comfortable pair of clothing that you can style befitting every occasion in its own way. Not sure how to do that? That’s what we’re here for! Take a simple white shirt and look at how we transform this white shirt to create 7 different looks for 7 different occasions.

1.Head To Work

A simple white shirt with a thin tie is perfect for your daily workplace look. Not only does it define your look and make you look presentable but also heralds your entry in the corporate world – in style!


2.Wedding Ready

Think a white shirt is too plain to wear to a wedding? Think again! The classic white shirt when paired with a bow tie and pocket handkerchief will make you look like a thorough gentleman. Remember the bow tie is a subtle style that leaves a lasting impression.


3.The Party Starter

Hosting a party this weekend, make sure you dress right! You don’t want a heavy jacket that will restrain your movements as you’ve got loads of things to take care of. Simply pair your white shirt with an elastic bow tie and suspenders. And don’t forget to top it off with a hat that gives everyone the right kind of vibe.


4.The Role Model

Do you often look at the models as they step out in bespoke outfits for work and wonder how they do it? Being impeccably dressed is not all that hard. All you need is your classic white shirt. A definitive look, this attire will let you work your charm.


5.The Casual Charisma

The charm of a guy casually dressed is unmatched. And the winning combination of white shirt and blue jeans only personifies this fact. This outfit oozes of confidence and a calm composure that only works in your advantage.


6.Formal Meets Rock

You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket. Not even when you’re wearing a formal white shirt. Simply slip into a comfortable pair of jeans and a leather jacket & you’re no longer a regular Joe. Statutory warning: You’ve to get used to the attention if you’re wearing this outfit.


7.Jazz It Up!

The advantage of a white shirt is that you can always jazz it up with any colour, after all everything goes with white. The sky is the limit when you have a white shirt that can be done up in various ways.


You’ve just seen how one white shirt could get you 7 distinctive looks. So look back into your wardrobe now and start pairing it up in all the unconventional ways that you can think of. Voila! You’ve got a whole clothing collection ready in your wardrobe.

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