Fashion mistakes that you need to stop committing right now!

Fashion mistakes that you need to stop committing right now!

Clothes make a man. To dress impeccably, you must know the rules of dressing in order to know how and when to break them. Not to worry! I, Mr. Bro am here to help you avoid all fashion faux pas and to also give you a few pointers on becoming the stud you have always wanted to be! So, here’s my exhaustive list on what to steer clear of when dressing up:

1.Designer Labels: We wear labels; labels shouldn’t wear us. By wearing a loud designer logo, you are only displaying your power of wealth! Apart from unjustified bragging, it’s simply bad taste! If a prominent designer logo looks a bit too much, it probably is. You don’t want to end up looking like a walking advertisement, especially when the designer isn’t paying you to endorse their brand. An understated class is so much more desirable.

2.The Laughing Stock: Are you the guy at the party wearing a t-shirt with a great slogan? While a funny tie or wacky shoes may work sometimes, it might not be appropriate for all occasions. If chuckles is more of what you get, make better choices about your style than your comic timing. There’s nothing wrong in fun dressing, just keep the occasion in mind and the appropriateness of the outfit. It is important to have an eye when donning multiple colours, even though, there’s nothing wrong in mixing colours, as long as you don’t end up looking clownish! Choose a maximum of two colour pieces and match it with a neutral shade to look better.

3.Too Flashy: While women have a penchant for bling and it does looks good on them, men must be far more careful with shiny jewellery! A choice ring, a watch and maybe just one piece of jewellery should suffice. Unless you’re going in for a gangster look, don’t pile on heavy chains.

4.Socks and Sandals: Why would anyone wear socks with sandals? The sole purpose of sandals is that they provide ventilation and comfort. Putting in a fabric between nature and your feet defeats the purpose of wearing a pair of sandals. Incase it’s too cold outside, just wear a pair of shoes!


5.Small Clothes:There’s nothing funnier than a man wearing clothes which are smaller than him! If your clothes seem to be bursting at the seams, then it’s time to get a new wardrobe. If you’ve grown heavier over the months, buy some brand new, better-fitted clothes, till you burn off those extra pounds.

6.Baggier Clothes:The opposite of wearing small clothes is almost as bad. You won’t dupe anyone by adding extra fabric for covering up that beer belly. Your best clothes should snuggly fit on you.

7. Blazer Buttons: There is a rule that applies to three button blazers from top button to down. The rule states ‘sometimes, every time and never’.

Hope these tips help you look dapper and makes you less confused about fashion crimes!

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