Fashion shower this monsoon

Though the monsoons have just begun all over India, our fashion conscious minds have already prepped for the season. Some of the trends that may have skipped your attention this season are included in the blog to help you stay fashionable.

Patterned Jackets

Included in the casual wear segment,  patterned jackets look classy when worn for a weekend for a brunch or a casual night out partying.

You can wear it with solid-colored shorts or pants. If you're reasonably fashionable, throw a contrasting print in the mix with a button-down shirt.

jacket 1 jacket 2 jacket 3

Printed Trousers

Printed trousers have been really popular in the women’s casual wear segment for a while and have slowly inched their way into the fashionable man’s wardrobe. This season, do give this ultra fashionable piece of clothing a try.

Use the same rules as printed jackets and keep things minimal. Also make sure your pants are well-tailored so they don't end up looking like you wore PJs to the office.

printed pants3 printed pants2 printed pants1

High rise rolled up pants

These pants are perfect for the weather, what with the water puddles on our infamous Indian roads. Choose a pair of pants that fit you well and roll them up. Pair them with your favorite sneakers or boat shoes, and rock the look.

This style works better with casual pants like chinos and jeans than with suit attire, so keep that in mind.

rolled pants1 rolled pants2 rolled pants3

Colour blocked shirts

Whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, color blocked patterns are a casual and preppy look for this monsoon.

Treat these like your new classic black t-shirt and wear them with all your favorite pants and shorts.

color-blocked2 color-blocked1 color-blocked3

This monsoon, stay up to date with the latest in fashion. Keep coming back to our blog for more on the latest trends. Stay stylish!

Posted in Grooming, Lifestyle on Jun 19, 2014

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