A guide to nailing the subtle art of semi-formal dressing

A guide to nailing the subtle art of semi-formal dressing

For a man, semi-formal can be the most bewildering of the dress codes. It is no wonder that people are left confused when it comes to a semi-formal attire. People often turn up to such occasions underdressed because they are not sure about what to wear when invited to one. If you too are left bemused by this baffling dress code, here’s an elaborate guide by me ,Mr. Bro, to help you get your wardrobe sorted:

Semi-formal can be quite easy to understand, contrary to popular belief. Not quite decked up as black tie or white tie events, men’s semi-formal is a tad more relaxed attire. This however does not mean that donning khaki or jeans is okay. A dress code has certain dos and don’ts for pulling off the look flawlessly.

1.Look crisp - Just like formal events, its mandatory to look neat, elegant and sophisticated in your semi-formal wear. Go for custom, crisp shirts and keep them and your tie collection leaning towards traditional. You can experiment with the shoes but the accessories should not be too loud.

2.Suit up- As a thumb rule of semi-formal, wear a jacket. The ideal is to have a body hugging suit with a nice fit. It must acknowledge formal needs and be loose enough to not come across as overdressed. Your suit must reflect the time of the event. For example you can opt for lighter shades like a tan or cream coloured suit for events in the day time and grey or dark blues for night events. In addition to the suit, put on a dress shirt with or without a tie. Don’t shy from trying handkerchiefs and ties as well as patterned shirts, just make sure they aren’t too bold. Don’t wear a tuxedo to anything semi-formal as they should be reserved just for formal wear.

3.Don’t underdress-A common mistake committed by many men when dressing for a semi-formal event is to undress. They think it’s all right to wear a polo shirt for such events. Another notion is that khaki pants and jeans are appropriate semi-formal wear. This is not true. Wearing a sports coat for something semi-formal is one more example of a fashion faux pas.

4.Daytime dressing- Shy away from too formal a look for a daytime event. Wear darker coloured trousers like dark blues paired with a light coloured blazer. To go with the suit, wear a sober or moderately patterned shirt. Complete the look with a tie if you must, but don a slim one. Match the footwear with your suit.

5.Evening wear- The later the invite, the dressier and darker the suit ought to be. A dark suit must be worn with a lighter coloured shirt. You can have cufflinks to go along with your tie. Wear laced up shoes.

Here’s hoping you have mastered how to look dapper and watch the attention pouring in at the next semi-formal event.

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