Guide to selecting the perfect pair of weekend casuals

Guide to selecting the perfect pair of weekend casuals

What are your weekend plans? Is your fashion game on point? If no, then you should definitely check out this guide to the perfect weekend wear. Holidays are filled with exciting styling opportunities where we can experiment with various colours and patterns. Now, wearing the same formal wear to your work place can get monotonous, so when the weekend arrives, let's go for a complete holiday look! Here’s everything you need to know about weekend styling.

The Weekend is all about relaxing and enjoying, however that doesn't mean you wear loose-fitted shirts and track pants. Many men select their casual style from the wrong angle; they aim to look youthful. But if you want to look well-dressed, you should always aim to look mature

Stylish Tee & Cargos

We all know the famous polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt or tennis shirt. These are super comfortable, they have a mature look and at the same time they do look sexy, if you get the perfect fit.

The fit here makes all the difference. It can be one of the sharpest and most flexible casual wear items in your cupboard if you just emphasize on getting the right shape and size in your favourite colour! The shirt-tails (front and back) shouldn't be too long. Long shirt-tails make you look shabby by adding an extra inch of unnecessary bulky fabric. Check out the below image to understand how a Polo shirt should fit.

Polo Shirt Fitting


Most weekend styles have two goals: “Be comfortable” and “Look your best”. 

We personally think Linen is one of the best cool/warm weather fabrics because it’s thin and breathes very well. On sticky humid days, don't go for thick cotton and instead wear a linen shirt, pants, or both to complete your weekend look.

Now comes the lowers! If you want a “holiday-at-the-beach” kind of style then opt for some comfortable linen or cotton fitted flat front shorts. Many men are still stuck with baggy pants or long cargo shorts and it’s the single biggest thing holding them back on their cool weekend look.

Once you find your perfect fit, try going for smooth colours while buying your shorts. To get a more holiday look, try colours like blue, light purple, light green, or even pale yellow. And pair it up with any of your matching shirts!

Shirt Prints for your Style


You can also go for chinos, it is great casual wear if worn properly with the matching shirt and shoes. They can be worn casually and are lightweight and easy to carry off. They are good for both summers and winters, as they cover your legs and are of light material. They’re perfect for lunch or dinner while at the beach or at a casual bar that you wouldn’t want to wear shorts to. Do check for the length and width of the chinos since a wide leg opening can kill the look! It's the simple details that matter if you want a well dressed look.

Chick Look with Fitted Shirts

Slim Fit Pants


Let's have your shoes sorted out now! According to your plans on the weekends, select your shoes. If you are going for a casual hangout with friends, then wear comfortable sneakers or even slip-ons. For Saturday Night Clubbing, opt for anything comfortable like sports shoes or loafers or even boots. Always have leather shoes in your cupboard, in case you have to attend a formal event.

Lastly, Every man should have a pair of simple white sneakers. Period. They are perfect casual wear shoes for any occasion.

White canvas shoes

Black Converse Shoes

Jeans with Suitable Shoes









Hope these dressing tips have helped you figure out your look for your weekend! It doesn’t get any easier. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too for more style tips.



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