How to give your father a style makeover with your clothes

How to give your father a style makeover with your clothes

Father’s Day is here and I, Mr Bro know just how to make it that extra bit special for both you and your father. The saying goes ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Do justice to the adage by spinning it on itself! Dress your old man in your clothes to give him a whole new look and see as the years melt away miraculously. This will be a Father’s Day gift that he definitely won’t ever forget and will surely keep repeating your handpicked choices.

1. Groovy in Gingham- Go for a laidback look and pull out your best gingham shirt. This is a timeless summer look that will make your dad look fresh and chilled out. Pair it with a pair of dark coloured jeans or khakis. Throw in your smartest looking sneakers and put on tinted sunglasses to complete the look.

2.Brothers in Blue- There’s no colour like blue which sheds away the years faster. Watch your daddy transform into your buddy with a little help from the coolest of all colours. Get him a periwinkle shirt if you don’t already have one. Pair it with a pair of cream coloured shorts and a blue belt. Alternatively, you could opt for powder blue trousers with a contrasting two-tone bowling shirt.

3.Polo- Another timeless look is the polo shirt. Have a day out with your dad where you both are wearing the same look. My pick would be a white polo shirt with dark blue trousers or a dark blue polo shirt with khaki coloured shorts and a sleek belt.

4.Hoodie Buddies-Another top pick. For appreciative second glances make your dad try your hoodie. Pull one out from your wardrobe and revamp it by taking off its sleeves if you already don’t have a sleeveless one. Finish off this easy-to-pull-off look with three-quarter denim pants and rugged sneakers.

5.Accessorise Right- Want to see your dad’s eyes light up in glee? Give him access to all your accessories, if your possessions aren’t too outrageous. Indulge him with bracelets. Cord bracelets look cool and can be worn two at a time. You can make him wear rings as well. Just remember to be restricted to the numbers and sport not more than two on a hand. Give him your new belt. Make him switch his watch for yours. A cotton or nylon band can lend an air of casualness and amp up an entire outfit.

So, what are you waiting for? Rummage through your wardrobe and pick out the best for the most important man in your life.

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