How To Slay In Shorts This Summer

How To Slay In Shorts This Summer

Summers are finally here, and it’s time to shed some layers, bro. Shorts are this season’s newest obsession and in order to rock the look, you must not fall short on shorts. I, Mr Bro, am here to help you look like the chic magnet that you wish you were ;). Here are my top tips to look top notch in trunks:

1.Length – When talking about the length in terms of your shorts, medium is the optimum. You don’t want to wear shorts longer than needed as they are called shorts for a reason. Steer clear of wearing them too short as you don’t want to be exposing and drawing attention to your thighs, unless you are going for a jog in which case running shorts can be shorter. Wear them at a comfortable four finger gap from right above your knees and you will be good to go, bro!

2.Fit – How loose or tight your shorts should be is completely dependent on your personal style and taste. Bulky bros should stay away from Baggy shorts, unless intended for the golf course. Roomy shorts with lots of pockets aren’t suitable for most occasions either and should be given a skip unless the occasion is camping or travelling outdoors. Most bros look good with a neat fit on the butt and a straight edge down to the knees.

3.Pair it right- One of the easier looks to pull off with a pair of shorts is the polo shirt. It’s not a must, but tucking it does give a smarter and more refined look. Button up coloured shirts shouldn’t be given a miss either as they go well with shorts. If you want to leave the shirt untucked, then roll up the sleeves to create a laid back but suave look. Be careful when picking the footwear to go with your shorts. If you are going for a day-on-the-beach ensemble then go for sandals. You can also experiment with closed shoes such as moccasins and loafers. Remember bro, the ladies dig men who know their shoes ;)

4.Colour- White is the perfect colour for shorts and is available in variant shades such as beige, chamois, eggshell and so on. Solid colours like tan, olive, khaki and navy are safe bets too and work really well with contrasting colours. Reds, blues, greens and yellow lower are strictly casual colours and refrain from donning them on serious occasions. Shorts that look like Hawaiian shirts should be reserved for the beach. Remember bro, the key is to keep the shorts simple and not go overboard with the graphics, because you want the ladies to be laughing with you and not at you!

Hope these fashion tips help you look the best for the scorching season and the only thing the ladies find hotter than the weather is you!

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