Believe it or not, but your zodiac sign gives you a good sneak peek into your personality and innate style. After all, most of our lives are governed by the stars. But don’t worry, this is not a lesson on making you a believer of the mystical powers of the zodiac, this is just #MrBro giving you a glimpse of what it feels like to know your fashion style by your zodiac sign. It’s a way to let you in on how the astrological side of things can help you #MakeYourMove in a better way.


Bold and adventurous Aries

Aries is a dominant sign, mostly aggressive and headstrong. These aspects are brilliantly portrayed in the colour red. While picking out clothes, this sign takes a warrior approach and so is attracted towards leather, arm cuffs, black suits, and hardware. Red (hints of red) and white fabrics are also clear winners.


Strong yet silent Taurus

The Taurus man possesses remarkable and fabulous fashion instincts. The men under these signs have a penchant for pastel shades and look marvellous in pastel pink. Wearing shirts that keep the neckline exposed is a good idea. You can even button down your top to get that added breathing space. This helps you look debonair and feel comfortable, qualities that put you in your element.


Vibrant and youthful Gemini

Men falling under the Gemini zodiac prefer their freedom over anything else. So clothes that allow flexibility and help them move freely are the best. These include light knit sweaters, cotton T-shirts and sneakers. Geminis can show off their long animated arms and frame with vest tops. This helps to highlight very evident shoulders and defined upper arms to the fullest.


Soulful and sensitive Cancer

Cancerian men are the moody and broody kind, so it makes sense why they are attracted to pale greys and navy colour schemes. Other than these shades, creams and whites also work wonders. Men under this zodiac prefer softer materials and are drawn to wool, worn-in cotton and cashmere. Shirts buttoned down low or even low necklines work well for this sign.


Dramatic and Warm Leo

Men who fall under this zodiac sign do not shy away from bling and like a more refined and luxurious style. Leos love to stand out so anything that comes in vibrant fashion is a clear winner. Guys prefer bold prints, strong colours and all things gold. Having a piece of clothing no one else has or possessing something that has a one-of-a-kind label or distinct quality is appreciated.


Practical and reliable Virgo

Men of this zodiac sign prefer to keep things simple and are drawn to natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and jute as well as earthly and solid colours. Colours such as beige, grey hues, deep rust, deep forest greens, off-whites, browns, and fawns are always found or appreciated in your wardrobe. A Virgo man’s dressing sense usually replicates his orderly perfectionism. A particular fascination for socks is also evident. All said and done, a Virgo man feels most at home in jeans and a T-shirt.


Whether you roll your eyes in disbelief or are a firm believer that the stars have actually aligned to give you fashion advice, know that you can at least trust your old friend #MrBro whenever you want to #MakeYourMove in a successful and charming way. After all, the way you carry yourself is what ultimately decides your fate.

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