Our zodiac signs are connected to our personalities. This inevitably defines our personal style. However, just because most things are governed by the stars, it does not mean you need to head to an astrologer for fashion advice. Certainly not, especially when you have Mr. Bro on your side telling you how to #MakeYourMove with panache. Everything you need to know about dressing as per your zodiac is right here.


Charismatic and compelling Libra

Libra is the vainest sign of the zodiac and usually cares about the impression he is leaving on people. This sign dresses carefully and is naturally in tune to what looks good on him. Men under this sign go in for a cool, calm and collected style. All colors suit this charismatic personality but pinks, blues, pearly colors and pastels in particular work to your maximum advantage.


Mysterious and loyal Scorpio

The male Scorpio is among the serious kind and is perfectly aware of his own personal style. Men under this zodiac sign love the color black and can wear it all day, every day. Wearing dark colors to deliver a powerful presence is an aspect that catches a Scorpio’s fancy very often. Finding hues and shades that are dark in nature also work well with this sign.


Free spirited and rebellious Sagittarius

The Sagittarius man favors fun over function, so you can be sure to spot him in colorful T-shirts. Men under this sign rarely care about their slacks and what’s on their back as long as rolling with the good times is possible. Favoring amusement over fashion any day, this guy usually goes in for cartoonish clothes, something no one else even dares to wear.


Wickedly humorous but ambitious Capricorn

Capricorn men mean business and are fond of their jobs, so business suits are a style choice that grabs this man’s attention the most. Men under the Capricorn zodiac prefer going in for classic shirt colors, this includes earth colors and pastels. The colors that suit this personality the best are brown, beige, green and blue suits.


Colorful and expressive Aquarius

There is one sign that loves colors more than any other and that sign is Aquarius. Aquarian men do not shy away from expressing themselves through clothes. These guys are prepared for every mood, no matter what the day, since they possess all the colors of the rainbow in their wardrobe. They, however, know when to strike a balance and understand when to take it down a notch.


Poetic and dreamy Pisces

Pisces are the creative signs of the zodiac. This is seen in their fashion preferences as well. These men love free flowing fashions that are non-restrictive. Men usually favor loose fitted clothes that are not too tailored and are perfectly happy in loose yoga pants and grandpa shirts. Wearing a suit typically means a piece that is not too tailored and helps exude a relaxed vibe.


Yes, who knew zodiac signs can dictate your fashion choices too right (it’s quite bossy if you think about, isn’t it?) Nevertheless, at the end of the day if it helps you #MakeYourMove and find your personal style, there is really nothing to complain about.

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