Working day in and day out at your 9 to 5 job can get monotonous and with that so does the ensembles you wear. Although it is grandly given the tag ‘office wear’, not much thought is put into the classic suit and tie. After all, it is more important to focus on that presentation that gives you a promotion rather than give your choice of suits a second thought, right? Well, you’re wrong.


The way you dress up is just as important as the level of work you put in. #MrBro is here to give you a few handy formal attire tips to help you stand out from looking like the average corporate drone.

Trousers seal the deal

Don’t underestimate the power of well-structured formal trousers. Pick ones that comfortably fit your hips, waist and the drop in between the crotch and waistband. While plain fronts flatter every man (provided they fit snugly without stretching), larger men who need more flexibility can opt for pleated fronts. Rather than going in for khaki or navy blue colour bottom wear, opt for other colours that blend well with an office setup such as charcoal grey.


Shirts radiate the appeal

While men mostly find solace in plain coloured shirts, it has the potential to look boring. Not really something to wear if you want people to take notice. Yes, white and light blue shirts are imperative but other than that; go in for striped or checked ones too. Make certain the checks and stripes are not extremely bold and large though. These kids are more suited for social occasions. Quick tip: White self-check shirts are quite a stunner and go with any kinds of trousers.


Pay attention to your necktie

A striking tie grabs eyeballs for all the right reasons but you cannot do this with a safe and boring tie such as a monochrome one. Think deep green ties against khaki trousers and white shirts or go in for something bolder with patterns and textures. Contrasting your necktie also helps you draw attention for all the right reasons. If you going for a patterned shirt as well as a patterned tie, see that the two pieces come with different proportions.


The devil lies in the detail

Paying attention to the kind of shoes you wear and the type of accessories you put on is equally crucial. It goes a long way in making a good impression. Depending on your outfit, match it with tan, black or dark brown shoes. Complete the look by putting on a wristwatch. If you happen to be wearing a jacket, insert a pocket square in your breast pocket. It all helps to add to the charm.


So as you establish a routine for your work activities, pick the right formal attire to look different from the rest too. Only when you dress distinctively, you don’t look like one of the crowd. With these vital tips from #MrBro, you are sure to #MakeYourMove in style and panache so that rocking that conference meeting gets that added push. After all, if you are going to be a high powered businessman, you’ve got to look the part.

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