Mr. Bro decodes the 5 commandments of Valentine's Day

Mr. Bro decodes the 5 commandments of Valentine's Day

The most dreaded day of the year is here again. Men around the world have begun sharpening their knives of wit and charm to woo the women of their dreams. But if the V-word makes you more anxious than excited, then bro, you have arrived at the right place. Mr. Bro is here to guide you through the essentials of what to expect and what to steer clear of, on this day of love.

1.Everybody loves a gentleman

The woman in your life, be it your wife, girlfriend or a new date, needs to be valued and respected. Women will love and treasure an old-school mama’s boy for treating her the way she ought to be. Be extra-attentive to make her feel that tad bit more special on V-day. Courtesy, politeness and chivalry will go a long way in winning her over. Remember bro, manners are timelessly sexy.

2.Make the most of the day

It’s the month of love and the right time to show your lady love how much fun you both can have together. It’s also the ideal weather for a day outdoors. Boosting adrenaline levels has shown to increase trust and bonding when done together. So, buckle up bro for some go-karting, parasailing, hiking or any other adventure sport that you both are comfortable with. Just make sure your partner knows about your plans and doesn’t show up in heels, because even on Valentine’s Day, you only get three strikes bro!

3.Pamper her

Girls love to be indulged, every now and then. #MakeYourMove by doing small things to make her feel special, like turning up on time for your date, opening doors for her and other little gestures. Make sure you have planned the entire day properly and peppered it with surprises. Avoid generic plans like chocolate, wine and coffee and instead, try something more personal like cooking a meal for her. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, then a restaurant hop is a suitable alternative. You could also take her on a V-day tour of the city, with stops planned out along the way. To unwind after a day well spent, both of you can treat yourselves to a couple’s massage session.

4.End the day indoors

After an extremely pleasurable and tiring day outside, it is time to slow things (or spice them up) by taking things indoor. Unwind to some soothing music and maybe pop open a bottle of bubbly. Let the mood of the evening dictate how you spend it. Remember, curling up on the couch watching a classic movie never gets old, bro.

5.Get to know each other better

Through time spent together, be it indoors or out, get up close and personal with each other. Try playing fun games which disclose titbits or stories about you, especially if haven’t been dating for too long. If you’re both at your place, browse through an old photo album or show her an old treasure or memory of yours. Bond with each other, not just superficially, but with meaningful conversations. Intimacy can be found in the most unexpected places, you just need to know where to look bro!

So, armed with these insights, get ready to step up and let your A-game shine through this Valentine’s Day. All the best, bro!

Posted in Lifestyle on Feb 10, 2017

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