Holler in a new you this New Year’s! Feeling confused about what looks good and what just doesn’t? Don’t worry! Mr. Bro is here to help you choose the best styles for a wardrobe upgrade. Dress to kill as you clothe in the year’s hottest trends:

1.Bohemian – The seventies are back, and even fresher. Imagine Lennon glasses and a desert adventure. Those are the summer heavy tones that will set you sizzling in spring. Paisley shirts with other layered clothing like scarves, shawls and tassels are indulgences you should give in to. Go for masculine colors like rust, gold, scarlet and dark greens. And the best part? The ladies always dig the strong and masculine look.

2.Kerchiefs – A bandana is a piece of cloth. Not. It’s so much more than that. It’s a neck accessory that can add the right amount of oomph to your outfit. If you are feeling adventurous, a kerchief can even go along with mismatched clothes and bring the balance back. It’s all about how you tie the knot. Remember that it’s loose, not a noose.

3.White – An all-white outfit is sure to put the spotlight on you. Long white shirts or overcoats with a pair of white shorts are sure to make you stand out. Don’t forget to flash your pearly whites! To break the brightness, wear a sleek black belt or a dark hat or your fancy sunglasses.

4.Corduroy Shirts – Get your corduroy shirts out of your closets or invest in a new one. This amazing fabric, that can make any bro look dapper, has made a much awaited come back. Monotones are in this year and should be used without discretion. Pair pastel shades with contrasting bright colors to achieve the perfect look in minutes. It’s no secret the ladies love men who know how to play with colors.

5.Leather – What fifty shades of grey promised, but failed to deliver, was kink. The winter streets are usually dominated by leather wear. Buttons, chunky belts, ringed clothing and stitched rips are welcome add-ons to leather jackets. Leather boots are must haves for both summer and winter.

6.Jackets & Sweaters – Shirt jackets (shackets) are a must for springtime. They can make you look much younger. If you want a more mature look for the winters, try on a donkey jacket. Crop jackets are also a winter essential for your wardrobe if you’re wearing multiple layers of clothing you wouldn’t rather hide. Dark colours and silk tweed overcoats leave an impression and are ideal for a semi-formal occasion. Look for herringbone patterns for a classy yet cosy outfit. Grandma sweaters are also going to turn heads as the 90’s sweaters are making a comeback, and will make the ladies go ‘Aww!’

7.Tiny Pants – Shorts are becoming shorter, and hotter! Flaunt your gym legs this summer with a new wardrobe which takes less space and allows more pairing options. Monochrome high waist shorts are a safe bet with almost any outfit as long as the colours don’t clash. Prints on shorts can spice up a bland outfit, so don’t let your imagination stop you short(s).

Mr. Bro saves the year again, as you look ready to rock and make the traffic stop. Feel your best as you look the best, and step out in style in 2017!

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