Mr. Bro helps you understand your Brogues

Our bros in Scotland and Ireland started a trend several centuries ago that we are all grateful for today- they designed the first Brogues. Every bro who values both class and funk would agree that Brogues are probably the coolest shoes ever.

A true bro always knows his shoes. To know the difference between Brogues and other shoes, you need to understand what broguing means. Broguing is defined as the ornamentation of shoes using perforations and well-designed patchwork. In simple terms, it’s a type of shoe design, not a type of shoe. What this means is that no matter what style of shoes you’re wearing – be it Loafers, Oxfords, Derbies etc. they are all Brogues if they are designed this way.

But remember- you can’t wear just any Brogue for any occasion- you need to choose wisely! So here is your guide to looking awesome in them:

1. Full Brogues:

The highlight of the full Brogues is the old school toe-cap with an extension. For this reason, these shoes are also called Wingtips. They also have broguing along their sides and in the center of the toe-cap, which is the highlight of the shoe. This is called the medallion. So while every bro likes experimenting, unless you’re just clowning around, it’s best not to pair them up with formals. Chinos and denims are a Wingtip’s best buddies. So the next time you step out for that fancy date, you know what shoes to wear.

Full Brogues.jpg

2. Semi Brogues:

The major difference in a full and semi brogue is the absence of wingtips. Thus, semi brogues look a lot subtler. They have perforations along the sides and on the top with the typical brogue medallion. If you need your shoes to look good with almost everything you own, semi brogues are the way to go. Getting them in a darker shade would be lighter on the wallet as you will be able to pair them with everything. So when you need to rush from a corporate meeting to an evening with your bros, semi brogues are the way to go.


3. Quarter Brogues:

The Quarter Brogues are the most formally designed of all the various kinds available to us. The broguing is done only near the toe-cap, which gives it a more formal look. Corporate life could require you to keep your outfits crisp so these would work perfectly for your 9-5 schedule. Quarter brogues are mostly available only in shades of dark brown and black, so for your next meeting, throw on a pair and enjoy all the attention you’re bound to get.

Quarter Brogues.jpg

4. Modern brogues:

What really gives us so many options in apparel today is how experimental the bros of our time are. Some modern styled brogues are Oxfords with broguing, U-cap brogues and several other cool hybrids. They can be clubbed with anything from tuxes to shorts. Just remember, the more the ornamentation, the lesser it can be used as formal attire.

Modern brogues.jpg

5. The Original Ghillie Brogues:

The standard Scottish Brogues originally had high-ankles, no tongue and laces tied around the legs rather than on the shoe. However, the “Ghillie” Brogues, as they were called, have been modernized and sobered to match the taste of the bros of today. Ghillie Brogues are very similar in ornamentation to Full Brogues and that means that you should probably not pair them up with your formals. But if you are in the mood to dress casual, then you can put these on under a pair of dark jeans, and strut around town in true Saturday Night Fever fashion.

The Original Ghillie Brogues.jpg

The Brogues are a type of shoe that every bro should add to his collection. They make you look well-dressed without having to try too hard and if you can tell one from the other, there’s nothing stopping you from impressing the ladies.

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