It’s that time of the year again when you get to look your best and party the hardest for the last few days of the year. Not sure what will look good on you? Have no fear, Mr. Bro is here to help you look suave as you countdown to new dreams and beginnings:

a.House Party - For a laid back house party, you don’t want to be the only gentleman (read uncle) in the room, the one person in an outfit that screams ‘BORING!’ in caps. Turn it up a notch and wear the most rugged looking jeans you own and a double breasted leather jacket. To keep yourself warm and fluffed inside the jacket, tie a big pretzel knotted scarf, preferably multi-coloured. Pair this look with white moccasins and you will soon be making heads turn.

b.Pool Party – This is your chance to show off the classy and cool you. If the tropical weather permits, then wear your crispest white shirt and neon coloured shorts. Teal is always a safe bet. Throw in sleek, patterned suspenders with a multi coloured ascot tie to give a whole new spin to your look. Look grown up and still be the bro everybody wants to hang out with. Add in a little naughty to the nice by topping off the look with a pork pie hat. Don’t be afraid to get wet, if you know what I mean ;)

c.Fun Office Party – Let your office colleagues see the soignée you. Wear a funnel coat in muted colours with minimal design and big buttons. Throw in a dark, yet vibrant coloured pair of trousers and keep the coat buttoned on. This, my bros, is the perfect way to look dashing at a work party.

d.Pub hopping – Out pubbing with friends in the evening? Try on a dark, Chinese collared linen shirt with a black slim-fit vest on top. Pair the outfit with black shoes and white or black pants. As you get sweaty dancing, lose the vest and unbutton if need be. An even classier look would be a body hugging shiny black shirt and a light grey pair of trousers made from homespun fabric. Lose the tie bro; women aren’t the only ones who look good with skin showing.

e.Family and Friends Get Together- A double breasted fleece coat in tartan is the ideal wear at home, bro. Sport a warm, dark turtleneck underneath if you need to lose the coat.

f.Rooftop Party- Planning to gaze at the stars while the year passes by? Pair a dark coloured paisley shirt with cream coloured pants. Wear a warm undershirt and skip the jacket altogether if the night’s not going to be frigid. You could also expose a turtleneck underneath the shirt instead of an undershirt and feel hot while you look cool!

Clink your glasses, dance the night away and look like a bombshell while you’re at it. After all, a new year means new opportunities. Who knows whom you will be taking home when the clock strikes 12!

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