Mr. Bro on how you should wear green, the colour of 2017

Mr. Bro on how you should wear green, the colour of 2017

Green is a timeless colour – even Pantone couldn’t get enough of it and declared ‘Greenery’ the Pantone Colour of the Year! Instead of wondering why this classic colour is making a comeback, let Mr. Bro take you through how you can rock it this season.

1.Green Chinos

Nothing spells out dapper like green chinos. If you want to keep the overall look sombre, then pick a darker shade of green and pair it with a light coloured cotton shirt. But every now and then, a bro needs some adventure. On those days, go for chinos in a lighter shade of green. The ladies are going start feeling a lot eco-friendlier around you ;)


Runways this year have been witness to this timeless trend making a cameo. This versatile print that has been setting hearts racing for years now, and you can go the classic ol’ way or get a little experimental. You can pick a jacket in this print to add a little bit of edge to your winter ensemble and if you want to keep it simple go for a pair of comfy pants. You can also pick up a bag or a shoe in this print, to instantly add an edge to a drab outfit. But just remember, just like with the ladies, don’t overdo the print, bro ;)

3.Green scarf

A scarf is a like wingman, bro. It attracts the right amount of attention towards you and makes an impression on the ladies. Let’s say you have to head for a date night right after work; you don’t have to make a whole trip to your house just to change your outfit. Just throw on a green scarf and your ensemble will be nothing short of sleek and sophisticated with a tinge of adventure. But this look works best in winters, so hurry up before the temperatures begin to soar again bro.

4.Green blazer

Until a few years ago, we liked to play safe when picking formal wear such as blazers. But gone are the days of blacks, greys and browns. Pick a green blazer in tweed, velvet or polyester. The key is to pick the right shade depending on the fabric. If you’re into tweed, then go for a more olive shade, but if it’s velvet, then pick a more authentic dark green. Unless you want to look like a magician! If you do, then go ahead and knock yourself out.

So, that’s how you can look like a complete vision in 2017’s favourite shade. Don’t worry if people around you start turning green with envy bro!

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