Mr. Bro takes you through the seven stages of being a man

Mr. Bro takes you through the seven stages of being a man

As a man grows in his professional life, there are several transformations that take place—both in terms of career and appearance. And as a bro progresses through his career, several wardrobe changes occur. Here’s Mr. Bro’s guide to the 7 stages of becoming a man:

1.Entering the corporate life:

This is the stage between college and adulthood, and a bro’s wardrobe hasn’t yet really been acquainted with formal wear. Resorting to chinos, semi-formal pants and even denims is the common way to go. If you want to get ahead in the rat-race, I believe that adding a few formal shirts and trousers to your wardrobe would be a great idea. And if you want to turn the tables around and prove yourself worthy, the first thing to do is to get a grip on formal dressing.

2.Building a reputation:

As a bro works hard through his early years and starts getting noticed by bros higher in the chain, the efforts start paying off and he gets promotions. If you are at this stage, it is time you start dressing to impress. I suggest sharp formal shirts with well-fitting trousers as daily wear so that your superiors notice you, among others. ;)

3.Creating a team:

You might feel like your success will be solely your own doing but this is not entirely true. Everyone needs a team that backs them up and helps reduce the burden. So focus on building a loyal team that stays with you and pitches with you to make things happen. Make sure that you keep them motivated. Remember, a true bro always treats his team members as his equals. And make sure that you pass the right lessons on to your teammates.

4.Going places:

Once you have impressed your seniors with your hard-work and perseverance, it’ll be time to take over management. When you have people working under you, suits are compulsory. This isn’t just to create an impression on your juniors, but also because you would represent your organisation at several events and meetings.

5.Expanding your network:

To reach new heights you need to have a network of people who have already tasted success. A true bro knows that one must never miss a chance to know more influential people who can help you scale the ladder of success. The first thing to do is to understand who you are talking to and what they like or dislike. This will make impressing the right people and building a vast network of influential people a cakewalk for you, bro!

6.Building a legacy:

When you reach your 50s and if all goes well and you manage to get a top-notch position, you will have that heavily loaded bank account to fund the expensive designer suits you once only dreamt of. All that work you put in over the years should definitely show on your person.

7.Back to school:

When you have accomplished all that you ever wanted in your professional life and you have people working under you, it is time to finally kick back and relax. You could even throw on some vintage denims and casual shirts to work. Your reputation precedes you and you no longer need to make an impression on people based on how you dress.

Once a man sets out on the journey to success, there is no looking back. So bro, enjoy the ride and make sure you look your best throughout.

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