Mr. Bro tells you all you need to know about denims

Mr. Bro tells you all you need to know about denims

Whether you’re the sort of bro who prefers your chinos or someone who prefers shorts and chinos, one thing every bro has in common is the love for the good ol’ denims. Jeans are the most worn item in menswear. Your preference could vary from freshly ironed to torn and faded or anything really; the one thing that jeans definitely are is versatile.

While this is usually a good thing, shopping for denims could turn out to be a challenging experience for even the most fashion savvy bros. Figuring out what fit you would prefer, what material suits you the most, what clothes it would look best with etc. are all challenges that you are bound to face. Mr. Bro has got your back. With his expertise in the department of fashion, he will help you pick out what type of denims you would want to buy:


What type of denims you own is a very good judge of your personality. If you are the person who prefers steez, and you like casual outfits, you would definitely want to get a pair of jeans which are extremely versatile in nature. It doesn’t matter whether your pair of jeans is the most expensive piece of clothing in your wardrobe or if it is the best looking. Jeans that you can wear in your home, in the office, on a date or even on a casual outing with friends and family should ideally be your most prized possession. These denims would fit into any outfit that you choose to put on.



A true bro always dresses according to his physique. Having this common sense when it comes to style is what separates us from the crowd. The best way to look your best is to wear clothes that fit you comfortably and at the same time look appropriate on you. If you are the sort of bro who hits the gym regularly, the skinny fit would enhance your bulked-up muscles. The straight fits are best for guys who are skinny. If you are more of a couch potato and that’s begun to show on you, you could try out some baggy denims to hide those unwanted curves.



This isn’t common knowledge but there are two very distinct types of materials used to manufacture the denims that every bro loves- raw denim and selvedge. If you are the type who would like badass jeans with no finishing, raw denim is the way to go. These jeans look particularly good with t-shirts and casual jackets. However, if you consider yourself to be a part of the gliteratti, then selvedge is the fabric that you would prefer. Though selvedge denims are slightly more expensive, a bro who has classy taste would understand that the premium fabric is worth every penny. Selvedge jeans give you the added benefit of fitting into your formal wardrobe with ease.



Are you a goth ninja? Would you categorize yourself as the sort of person who would try radical fashion options? These questions will help you understand whether or not the cool rugged or faded jeans are something you would like to try out. These add a raw feel to your personality and make you look like a real badass. If, however you prefer something a lot more sober, you could always try out something which stands out less.


We hope that Mr. Bro could help you clear out your dilemmas about which pair of denims you need to add to your collection next. Go out there and add some funk to your collection!

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