Mr. Bro’s Guide to Dressing for the Beach

Mr. Bro’s Guide to Dressing for the Beach

Your hair looks great and your body is back in shape. Great! It’s time to flaunt those muscles and where better than the beach? The beach is one of those places where it doesn’t seem to matter what you’re wearing, but such is not the case. It is extremely annoying when you reach your holiday destination and find out that you haven’t packed some essentials or are carrying the wrong clothing. To prevent you from looking like one amongst many in the crowd, I Mr. Bro, am here to help you look your absolute best at the beach.

1. Footwear – Sandals are ideal footwear for the beach. Not only do they slip off easily they are practical too, considering that sand has a tendency to get stuck in shoes. Go crazy with colours and patterns when buying flip flops. Stay away from closed footwear if you do not want to look like a misfit.

2.Briefs – Plan your swimwear according to the activities you and your friends have decided on. If you are the kind that will splash around a little while indulging in beach volleyball, then your best bet are a pair of short swimming trunks. If getting wet isn’t your thing and you’d rather enjoy strolling on the beach, drinking and eating, you could opt for extremely stylish quarter length shorts. Don’t go for anything excessively baggy or long. However make sure that they aren’t too tight or they’ll end up looking uncomfortable. You can also opt for surfing shorts because they are comfortable and funky and are the perfect choice for lazing on the beach.

3.Protection- Unless you want the memories of your time at the beach to be marred by a headache and burnt and peeling skin, it is always advisable to be carrying some sun protective gear. A bandana or a cap and some sunscreen go a long way to make sure that your vacation isn’t spoilt. It also helps if your sunscreen has SPF so that your skin is protected from sunburn. Also remember to carry your sunglasses as they will save your eyes from a great deal of trouble and will help you look cool effortlessly!

4.Accessorise- Accessories can complete your look, especially since you are wearing less at the beach. Try something small and less flashy. If you look at the mirror and it feels like too much, it probably is. A small necklace or pendant along with a thin bracelet look ideal on most men.

5.Bag it- The importance of a bag at the beach can’t be stressed enough. Going to the beach without food, water, sun protective gear and a change of clothes isn’t advisable. Carrying your own bag shouldn’t be a thing restricted to just girls. Tote bags and backpacks are good choices for a day at the beach.

6.Beach Dressing:Flattering shorts and tees- Even if you’re planning to spend your entire vacation poolside, you should be sure to bring along some flattering pieces to wear to dinner or the bar. You’re probably in the beach town mind frame, so don’t worry about going over the top with your nice looks, but be sure to bring fashion conscious items like some boating style shorts and polos in stripes or bright colors. Ditch your raggedy old t-shirt and go for something classic. A simple linen shirt is ideal for a day at the beach. Linen is breathable and will keep you cool and fresh even under the hot sun. Plus, men’s linen shirts are typically available in light, beachy colours like blue and white.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your surfboard and get ready to rock the high tide!

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