Mr. Bro’s guide to help you gear up for the winter

Mr. Bro’s guide to help you gear up for the winter

Winters are the best time of the year for every bro to show off his wardrobe. I am here to make sure that you have all you need to paint this winter with funk and class. You might own the trendiest of coats and sweatshirts, but they never seem enough once the winter starts to set in. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, make sure you go out there and get everything that’s on my checklist.

  1. Conductive gloves: You might have believed that woolen and leather gloves are all the only staples you need this season, but they don’t stand a chance in the corporate world (just like you). Conductive gloves let you stay in touch with your professional life as well. These are optimized for easy handling of touch screen phones and tablets to avoid all the hassle of taking off your gloves every time you need to reply to a text.


2.Cashmere socks: Though it has been long established that woolen socks are the warmest to wear, a bro can’t go around wearing just about anything because we have a reputation to live up to. That’s the reason I suggest you to pick up a few pairs of cashmere socks to add to your wardrobe this winter. Cashmere socks have the advantage of being sleek, easily fitting into any formal shoes that you want to do. And the next time you are on a date, throw the word ‘cashmere’ around a couple of times to earn a few brownie points!


3.Blanket scarf: While you are getting comfortable with the idea of soft, warm cashmere socks on your feet, imagine how nice it would feel around your neck. Our bros in ancient Scotland came up with this ingenious idea of using closely knit blankets as scarfs. Made of lamb-wool and cashmere, they will make sure you and whoever’s around you stay warm this winter ;)


  1. Winter boots: Flip-flops and slip-ons are the ideal choices for every bro who likes effortless comfort. However, trying this in the winters wouldn’t work out too well for you. The biting cold feels the worst on your feet and I would advise you to get yourself a nice pair of army boots to battle the cold. Not only are these extremely comfortable, they also add a bit of brawn to your appearance.


  1. Must-have headgear: It goes without saying that every bro requires decent headgear to survive the winters. But I know that it’s easier said than done-It needs to be done with class. A simple fleece cap could do the trick for you. Not only are these extremely versatile, they are also very handy and can be easily folded up and carried around in your jacket pockets- Still leaving room for another pair of hands.


Now that I have given you a down low on what’s hot and what’s not this winter, all you need to do is go out and stock up!

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