Mr. Bro’s tips on how to be a better boyfriend

Mr. Bro’s tips on how to be a better boyfriend

Being a responsive and good boyfriend can often prove to be quite a task. You have to keep adjusting yourself keeping in mind that the lady love of your life is evolving as a person too, as the days pass by. To be a better boyfriend you need to become the best version of yourself and focus more on improving your flaws. To help you be the most charming, caring, loving and attentive man in her life, Mr. Bro is here to guide you through the seven steps of being a gentleman:

1.Honesty is the best policy– The truth can hurt, but helps too. Being truthful, but not blatantly, can help avoid feelings of jealousy, hurt and mistrust. It also makes things simpler when both of you can pour your hearts out to each other without judgement. It is as important to be honest as to be able to digest the truth. Be open and attentive when your girl is opening up to you about anything. Not only does honesty foster trust and bonding, it makes you connect better as friends as well.

2.Conversations- Any good conversation can never be one sided. Don’t under or over do the talking as they both make it seem like you aren’t interested in her. Pay attention to her and ignore other distractions like your phone when she’s talking. Not only does this make her feel respected and loved, she will reciprocate when it’s your time to say something. If your girlfriend is telling you something important then don’t just hear it, make mental notes about it. This not only dodges awkwardness the next time she brings it up, it also makes her more attentive to your needs.

3.Body language – Good communication isn’t just verbal. It extends to the way we move, walk, talk and other daily nuances. Picking up on your partner’s body language is very important. These cues often indicate what words can’t say. As you grow with each other, you should learn what simple signs mean.

4.Be expressive- Love is appreciated when “Expressed”. Many girlfriends complain of not being appreciated in a relationship. The problem could be your inability to express. It is good to be expressive in a relationship. This will help you to send across the message very clearly. If you love someone, you should be courageous enough to express what you feel in a relationship. Make sure your girlfriend is reminded of how much you love her by indulging her with a little fondness from time to time. An innocent kiss, small touches or hugs are few of the ways you can connect through affection. Read into her signs of interest to charm her with your expression of love.

5. Acknowledge her beauty- When you love someone you immediately find them beautiful. Let your better half be constantly reminded of this and how much she means to you. Girls like looking their best. Make sure you are there to compliment her the next time she is looking drop dead gorgeous. Whenever she buys a new outfit or gets a haircut, make sure to notice it. These small acknowledgements of her beauty will make her love you more for taking notice. Compliment her often without smothering her. Compliment her about everything you like in her, not just her looks. Because there is no bigger turn off than a man who doesn’t know how to compliment a woman, bro!

These small steps add up in the long run and change the way she will perceive you as a partner. So fine tune the gentleness in yourself and make strides at being a better boyfriend. With a little guidance from Mr. Bro, take each day and moment at a time and watch yourself transform into the man of your lady’s dreams.

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