Mr. Bro’s Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness

Mr. Bro’s Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness

Summers are here and it is time to burn those extra pounds you added so gleefully in the winters. The gym can be quite the place to rediscover your inner beast and let it out. While at it, keep in mind a few basic dos and don’ts and you’re good to go. With a little help from Mr. Bro, get ready to work your way up to the perfect workout.

1.Equip Yourself- Always wear comfortable shoes and socks. Preferably stick to breathable ankle length socks that provide comfort and support. If you plan on a cardio, then get shoes that offer adequate protection for the feet and legs. Running shoes are a must for the treadmill. Investing in a weight belt is also a good option for heavy weight lifters. Remember, at the gym it is more about being prepared than about being pretty.

2.Prioritize Comfort- Wear breathable fabric when at the gym. A cotton t-shirt is comfortale and allows for a range of motions and is best suited for strenuous activities. Alternatively, you could opt for a polyester blend of clothes which are good as sweat absorbents.

3.Be hygienic- Wash your gym clothes and accessories frequently. Sweat becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and we don’t want body odor or worse. Carry a towel to wipe away sweat from surfaces after you are done with any gym equipment. Because remember bro, women don’t always like men who sweat too much ;)

4.Routine- Be consistent with your efforts at the gym. Have a set routine which focuses on all the muscle groups and involves cardio, interval training and strength training. Interval training involves alternating between running and walking. Strength training for as less as twenty minutes a day, twice a week, is helpful for toning the entire body. The aim should be to set realistic targets that aren’t impossible to achieve.

Get ready to flaunt those six packs and set hearts thumping as you find yourself a leaner, healthier you!

Posted in Lifestyle on Apr 04, 2017

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