Perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for today’s dads

Fathers are the unsung heroes in our lives. They talk little, but do a lot. Above all, they believe in us. While these supermen should be cherished every single day, why not do something special for your dad this 17th? Mr. Bro is here to suggest some uber cool Father’s Day gift ideas that the modern dads will love.



Your dad probably isn’t expecting you to buy him a Rolex, but that doesn’t mean you cannot aim high and get him something he loves. For the father who loves technology, an Apple smartwatch is a great gift idea. Sit with him, help him decode the apps tracking his fitness, and answering calls; he’ll appreciate the company more than the gift. Or opt for the failsafe alternative – a classic gentleman’s wristwatch with a leather strap for his daily office wear.



Help your father enjoy music on the go, with no strings attached! A sleek pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones is a great gift for every hardworking dad. Help him rediscover his love for music as he sits back and unwinds after a hectic day. Download his favourite songs on his phone and pair it with the headphones for a thoughtfully personalised gift.


Travel tote

A great gift for fathers on the go; a bespoke travel tote makes a stylish and functional present. You can add a touch of luxury by customising the bag in fine quality leather and engraving his initials on it. A modern-day father who enjoys outdoor activities with his family will love a trendsetting tote bag. You can pair it with a customised Dopp kit to help keep his toiletries organised too!



The modern father is style-conscious and classy, but often doesn’t have the time to go shopping – or the enthusiasm to make an effort! Get your father a cologne that matches his style. Fragrances with intoxicating notes of wood, musk, or aqua are especially masculine. A sophisticated gift for the cosmopolitan father, this one is a personal favourite from Mr. Bro’s repertoire of ideas.


Formal suit

Help your father up his style game in an elegant dinner jacket from Oxemberg’s formal collection. A formal suit or jacket will fit every occasion and add to his personality. A sharp-cut formal suit is a staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe, and there’s no greater joy for a father than to have his children pick his clothes for him. Opt for a versatile beige or navy blue suit that he can wear to meetings and at parties too. Help your dad #MakeAMove in style.


Dads are like anchors that keep their children strong and grounded even during the stormiest days. These Father’s Day gifts are a small way to acknowledge your dad’s contributions and let him know how much he means to you. Happy father’s Day!

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