The Perfect Pair of Jeans


For most, jeans are more valuable than any other piece of clothing in their cupboard. Despite its usefulness, it is seldom easy to find the perfect pair of men’s jeans that will hold you in good stead over the years. It’s time to demystify this process. All you have to do is keep in mind some of these pointers we are about to discuss.

Jeans hold the power to exude style, class and comfort all at once because of the incredible versatility they possess. They can be worn around the house, for a casual meeting, a date and sometimes even to the workplace. creative-50


Let’s cut to the chase and get down to those tips to keep in mind while looking for the perfect pair of jeans:


  1. When and where you will wear them -

It goes without saying that being comfortable in your Jeans is the most important thing. Even the best-looking pair may look odd if you’re uncomfortable in them. Keeping in mind when and where you will wear those pair of jeans makes the selection process a whole lot easier.

If you want to wear your jeans strictly when lounging or going out, you have a lot more freedom choosing the fit, style and wash of the denim. However, if you’re allowed to wear jeans to work, you might have to pick a slightly more conservative style. A fine distinction is necessary and goes a long way.


2.  Timeless Washes for a timeless look

It’s hard to predict what kind of denims will be in style a few months from now. Sticking to classic jeans styles is sometimes the best option. This will help you pick a pair of jeans which will remain stylish for a long time.

The top three classics that never go out of style, are:

Original Blue Jeans: Evolved from rough and tumble work wear, this is now one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that anyone can own.

Faded Jeans: This qualifies as a casual piece of clothing. Nonetheless, it looks good with a nice sports coat and a shirt.

Dark Jeans: You can never really go wrong with a pair of straight cut dark jeans. For official purposes, pair it with a white shirt and blazer. Throw on a casual jacket for a weekend-ready look.

When opting for a timeless wash, flashy colours, funky washes and excessive distressing are a complete no!


  1. Classic Cuts

There are so many types of fits available, many times you don’t know which one to pick. For jeans that can be be worn all-year round, we suggest sticking to the basics. A good choice to go with would be a straight cut or a boot cut.


  1. The Right Fit.

No matter how good the jeans look, if they’re not right for your body type they’ll look out of place when you wear them. Ensure the jeans are not too tight around your waist, the crotch, and the legs. Also, check to see if they look good from the back. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the fit, make sure you try other styles.

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  1. Try your normal wearing conditions.

Before you buy the jeans, make sure you do a trial run. Walk around the store to check how comfortable you are. Also, check the pocket space and the level of comfort when you sit down in them. Do your wallet and keys fit well? Are they too warm or itchy?

You should also try them on with a belt you regularly wear to show you where the waist falls on you, if the jeans match your belt and if the loops hold your belt perfectly. Also, make sure to try with them the shoes you wear most often to see how the pants fall.

If the Jeans are too long, fold them to see how much needs to be hemmed. Always remember that the back cuff should be aligned with the top part of the sole.


  1.  Check if Preshrunk.

In the perfect pair of jeans, shrinking can be the most annoying thing for all of us, making them uncomfortable because of the tightness. Make sure to check if your jeans have been pre-shrunk so you can cut down on future damage; any shrinkage thereafter will be minimal.


Caring for your pair

Once you purchase the perfect pair of jeans, take good care of them. The first time you wash your jeans, make sure to wash them all by themselves. Further, it is best to wash denims inside out in order for them to maintain their colour and overall look. Hang them out straight to dry to avoid unnecessary creasing.

We hope this blog has answered some of the pertinent questions regarding buying the perfect pair of jeans! Do let us know your feedback in the comments section!


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