Perfecting Office Styling in 2015

Perfecting Office Styling in 2015

Dressing up for office impeccably is is usually an unwritten rule for professionals. A well-executed and put together outfit is sure to get you compliments and send a powerful message. Everyone is capable of pulling of this kind of look, as long as they are equipped with the right attitude and a decent wardrobe.

-       Be Bold in your choices

Brighten up your humdrum office styling in an uber cool tie that packs a punch of colour. It is something that will let you stand out in the army of men who pair dark shirts with similar coloured ties. Another way is to opt for tie fabrics that complement the season. For e.g., although Silk ties are accepted all year round, you could wear a woollen tie during Winters!

If bright ties are something you’re not comfortable with, you could try making a statement with an offbeat coloured shirt instead.


-       Pick the right collar.

Spread collar shirts are trending now and are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Try to avoid the commonly used point collar as these collars tend to look more outdated. Experiment with different styles in collars to give your overall ensemble a unique look.


-       Crisp clothes.

We can’t stress enough on how important crisp, well-ironed clothes are. Even the best clothes will not help if they are filled with creases. Crisp clothes make a great impression, so ensure you invest in ironing services.


-       Get a good haircut.

Who doesn’t want to look like Ranbir Kapoor or Saif Ali Khan? Find a good barber in your city, even if it means a little extra money. Once you get a good, satisfying haircut, you can go back to a local barber and ask him to maintain the same cut.


-       Get sturdier glasses

Let's face it. Not all of us are born with chiselled jawlines and robust chins. The best way to add this kind of ‘structure’ to your face would be with a pair of sturdy frames. Trending currently are chunky frames that not only give you definition but also rock that oh-so-popular geeky vibe.


-       Briefcase over backpacks.

Well, there’s nothing really wrong with a backpack. But for a look that is polished, a briefcase is the best option. It sends out the message that you are a professional with serious business to attend to. Backpacks make you look more like a man carrying your gym clothes along.


-       Up your watch game

Get yourself a nice watch. Something that is simple and elegant. A refined watch, when visible, really does make a statement.creative-74-fb

-       Add fun with socks.

When wearing neutrals like grey trousers or a suit paired with black shoes add a little fun with a pair of bright coloured socks, preferably a colour that goes with the whole outfit.


-       March on with confidence.

Straighten your spine, pull back your shoulders. Walk with your chin up. Your outfit commands respect and so should the way you carry yourself!


Now, all you have to do, is remember these tips, follow them and go forth with confidence as you make heads turn!


Posted in Fashion on Mar 31, 2015

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