The Print Saga: How To Do Printed Shirts Right

Printed shirts are the latest trend to have taken the bro world by storm. If you don’t have printed shirts in your wardrobe already, it’s time to bro it up and get some.


Ah. Time to go back in time! If you are dressing for a retro evening you can go for a slick look with a minimally printed shirt paired with well-tailored pants. Retro prints range from loud to minimalistic. The key to nailing the look is to add the right accessories -a skinny belt or wayfarer shades. If you pick a shirt with a louder print, then make sure you keep the accessories to a minimum. Go for light colors and remember that you must always tuck your shirt in to get the look right (or you can do whatever you want and look like a total misfit). White pants make for a super retro look, so if you think you can pull it off then definitely go for it!



Sometimes a bro is in a funky mood and wants this to reflect in the way he dresses. You can go for a crazy print in a bright color if you want the ladies to notice you. Pair it with casual denims or shorts and make sure you have some other elements such as a kickass beard or edgy shoes to balance out your outfit.



Ready to be the best dressed guy with a skip in his step? A polished, preppy look is another way to go. A subtle floral or paisley print will go well. Add some elements like a well-tailored blazer and a bow tie to complete the ensemble. If you want to go all out, throw on a pair of hipster reading glasses (women totally can’t resist those).


So there you have it, the many ways to pull off a printed shirt while staying true to your style. From street to preppy, there are a lot of ways to go bro!

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