Pull up your socks: How to rock funky socks this summer

Pull up your socks: How to rock funky socks this summer

The hottest time of the year is here again, and when seasons change, wardrobe changes must follow! Like the rest of your wear, socks need to be refreshed for summertime comfort. Mr. Bro is here to demystify the rules behind the often neglected accessory to your outfit so that you can #MakeYourMove and keep your sock game on fleek. Here are some tips and ways on how to wear your shoes and socks in the warmest of times:

1.Shoe tree - To go sockless or not is a tough choice and has its pros and cons. The only major problem that arises is shoe stink and damage caused by moisture to the linings and sole. The shape of the shoe might get altered due to excess sweat and scrunched up newspaper balls may seem like the only option. For those suffering the perils of sweaty feet, a shoe tree is a worthy investment. A shoe tree is a device that helps the shoe retain its shape by fitting snugly into the fit of the shoe and is generally made of cedar wood which absorbs built up moisture.

2.Invisible socks – If you’re not going to wear socks for personal reasons, maintenance of sockless shoes is a task in itself and might need deodorisers or talc along with a shoe tree. For some who like a sockless look, invisible socks are a good alternative to not wearing any socks at all. These mini socks just barely reach up to the ankle and might not be noticeable at all. Going sockless or wearing invisible socks can help #MakeYourMove when worn appropriately, and can encompass a wide range of styles and outfits. One of the cooler trends to emerge off late is to wear invisible socks with a semi-formal attire. Avoid synthetics in the summers and go for a wool blend and cotton socks for the breathability of the fabric.

3.Shorts and socks - The ideal way to flaunt your cool leg clingers is to make them more noticeable. And what better way to draw attention to them than pairing them with shorts! Even though once considered a faux pas, this summer trend has over the years, started becoming a staple. The fun here is in balancing the appropriate sock length with the right pair of shorts. Small length running socks should be reserved for the gym, while long length orthodox socks should be reserved for causal occasions.

4.Pairing- Socks seem like such a boring part of your everyday wear that often we neglect them completely. With the right pairing, socks can help you switch your look and add a dimension to it. Argyle patterns have always been a sock’s friend and can be worn in formal or extreme casual occasions. You can contrast monochrome socks with a patterned outfit or vice versa. Feel free to play around with summer colours like reds and yellows as well as earthy tones. It is ideal to have three essentials when it comes to socks: black, brown and patterned (a pattern like tartan can be paired with a lot of clothing combinations).

Let your socks be the statement of the season and look your freshest best with Mr. Bro’s tips as you step up your sock game!

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